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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Tomorrow’s election day!!!

I can’t vote yet.  I’m only seventeen.  But I’ll be able to vote next year!!!  Dave and Sabby already voted, though.  We have early voting here in Texas, and apparently, a lot of the time it’s in a grocery store.  So they stood in a line snaking through a pastry display.  Apparently they voted around Halloween, so everyone was dressed up!!!

Dave and Sabby are mostly agreed on who to vote for this time, oddly enough.  Usually they fight a bit about who to vote for, but I guess they’re really sick of some things.  The school board in the town I live in is kind of a mess, so they, as Sabby put it, voted the bums out.

That’s one reason they took us out of school and home-schooled us.  But even the community college is far better than our ISD.  Jack doesn’t seem to mind, though.  Maybe he’s a little more used to all that stuff.  He knows what’s good and what’s bad.

So tomorrow we’re all getting junk food (lots of chocolate and soda), and sitting around the TV or computer and watching the election results!  I don’t talk about politics here, and I won’t start now, but I think I’ll be able to tell you if they’re happy or sad!  I think they’ll be happy, though.

I need to learn more about this stuff, for when I vote next year, or worse, in 2024!!!

I’m going to doot doot for the country!!! Hahaha!!!

Okay!  Bedtime!

Love you all!!! ❤

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