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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!  Professional Lily!!!

So I didn’t write yesterday because I worked all day, and then I got home and I had some leftover Sabby dinner.  Sabby told me she took Beth out and had a Beth day, and they did woman stuff.  I know boys read this, so I’m not going to violate the Sacred Code of Woman Stuff and tell y’all exactly what, but it was woman stuff, and they had fun.  Sabby did teach Beth how to do tasteful makeup – her friends have been teaching her how to use makeup, but what they taught her was garish and so over the line Sabby pulled a Claire Huxtable and told her she was flinging lips from one end to the other and told her to take it OFF.  But I think Sabby decided that it was time that Beth be taught the right way, and Beth looks so nice now!  I mean, she always did, but Sabby really knows her way around makeup!  It’s not garish, it’s subtle, it says “look at me, I’m beautiful” without saying “I fell into a paint can!”.  Come to think of it, I should ask Sabby for tips.  I’ve never been big on makeup but it might be nice to know how to do it.

She also bought Beth a couple of more adult outfits.  Nothing too bad, but just something nice to wear for special occasions.  Beth showed me her new look last night and I think my Jaw hit the floor.  Beth’s always been a pretty girl but she was a beautiful young woman, and I told her so.  She blushed and ran back into her room.  I guess the girl part of her will still come out every now and then.

She’s really not interested in showing off for boys like her friends, but it’s funny what looking nice can do for a girl’s self esteem.  When she was back in her pajamas she seemed back to normal, and we did our normal routine.  I suggested maybe getting her hair done, and she thought about it.  But she said she wasn’t really ready to be too beautiful yet, and I understood that.  Boys falling over with little hearts floating out of their head doesn’t really make for good conversation.

Work is back to normal.  Lots of doot dooting and shelf stocking and delivery taking and owner answering, but it all seems to be working out.  It’s not a hard job but you kind of have to be naturally bubbly and cheerful, like me, or you’re not going to survive long – if the karens don’t smush you into little pieces, the owner will.  But the owner’s really happy with me.  He tells me he kind of reminds me of the daughter he never had, and that’s really sweet of him.  He’s an older, portly Indian guy, and he can be a little temperamental, but he’s a bit like Dave – keeps it under control and his heart’s in the right place.

Since the store is on a frontage road to a major freeway, we get a lot of touristy business – people on the way to the coast or coming through town to head somewhere else and need a snack and a fill-up.  They can be the nicest folk – and the worst karens.  It’s just the luck of the draw.  But I give them a smile, doot doot them out of there, and make sure they’re properly caffeinated and stuffed with junk food, and, well, it’s a pretty fun job.  I don’t know what I want to do for a living when I’m older, but this is okay for right now.  My job is learning.

We don’t require masks, but we recommend them.  Sometimes people come in and want to make a point, and I just ignore them.  wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, just leave me out of it.  I’m vaccinated, I don’t care.  But I wear one.  It means people can’t see my cute face, but it’s the right thing!

Aaaaaaaaanyway, I’m tired.  Tomorrow’s a school holiday and Sabby wants to keep those as much as she can, so I get a day off!  YAY!  I don’t know what I’ll spend it doing, but I’m sure it’ll be fun!  I gots to sleep now.  Lilies don’t stay cute without their sleep!  I’ll dream of rainbows and unicorns and Daniel Craig!  Aww!  I keep saying that out loud!

Love you all!!! ❤️ And I don’t know what I’d do with Daniel Craig if I even got him, so I guess he’ll just stay in my dreams!!!

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