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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

OH MY GOD did David get in trouble!  I mean, trouble with a capital T.  He is so screwed right now!

So today Dave got a call.  Apparently he’s been playing a multiplayer game, and he’s been being a bully, hacking, and griefing people!  I mean, really being a jerk!  He was so bad that our ISP was getting complaints, and they somehow figured out who was behind the account and called us.  They told him that if it didn’t stop, they were going to disconnect us!  Well, as you can imagine, Dave wasn’t too happy with this!  He needs Internet to work, and we need it for school!

So David was in the middle of school, and he was in so much trouble that school ended, right there.  He put David on the phone with the ISP and made him explain to them what he did and apologize.  Then, after they hung up, both Dave and Sabby spent a full half an hour just reaming him out!  I mean they ripped him a new one!  By the time they were done, his computer, his game console, every bit of electronics he had, was locked away in a closet and Sabby promised he might get them back before he graduates.  Might.

Then he was sent to his room with schoolbooks and told that if he doesn’t impress them, and I mean really impress them with how well he’s doing and what he’s learning, that they might be convinced to let him out next month.  Oh they were so angry with him!  He feebly tried to argue but Sabby was in full Claire Huxtable mode and shut him right down.  She even pulled the “don’t you talk to me when I’m yelling at you, and why aren’t you answering me?” thing!  It was glorious!

I hope I never get on Sabby’s bad side that badly!!!  I can only think of a few things I could do that would, and nope!  Not me!  I’m not even looking at a boy now!  I mean, I wasn’t going to before, but doubly so now!I

I’d say poor kid but we all know he deserves it!  Like I said, I don’t hate him, but he needs this!

He is only allowed to come out of his room now for dinner and bathroom, and he has to ask any other time.  And Sabby’s just been throwing more schoolwork at him, she says if he has time to bully people, he has time to do schoolwork.

Guess we’ll see how this turns out.  I’ve never seen a grounding here last more than a day, but I think they mean it this time!

Love you all!!!

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