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 Hi!  It’s me!  Your favorite Lily!  Unless I’m not!  Then I’m your second favorite Lily!  If I’m your third favorite, then you know a lot of Lilies!

So today I had to go to the courthouse and take a deposition against that guy.  They took a while to get everything together, but Sabby and I went down and did it.  Apparently they don’t really need my in person testimony, as they have the cameras, and they didn’t want to force me to confront him.  I would have been happy to, but maybe it’s better that I don’t.  Apparently he had a record of this kind of thing, but this time they had more evidence than just “he said she said” and they’re able to nail him to the wall.  The other lawyer tried to hurt my credibility, but didn’t seem to be trying very hard. Also, we had the court hearing for that karen who grabbed me in the grocery store.  We did it over Zoom, which was nice.  I dressed up all professional and told them what happened, and then the other lawyer tried to poke holes in my testimony, but how can you poke holes in “she grabbed my arm”?  They tried to say that Sabby assaulted her, but that got shut down really fast, because they had video evidence.  Don’t know why I couldn’t have just signed a complaint like the other time, but I guess it worked out.  She was sentenced to community service and a suspended sentence.  If looks could kill, but oh well.

So I’m glad those things are out of the way.  Hopefully I never have to deal with them again.

David is still in so much trouble, Sabby and Dave seem intent on making a point.  They were willing to let his behavior go when they didn’t think he was getting in trouble, but now that they know he was, he’s toast.  They’ve even got Beth and me tutoring him, which, frankly, no one is happy with, but I guess I can see why.  I guess I don’t mind.  But I’m going into teacher Lily mode, and telling him he’d better listen to me or I’m going to Sabby.  I’m not his favorite person right now, but I guess I should get in line, no one in this family is his favorite person right now.  And I think the feeling is mutual.  Sabby loves him as a mother, but she’s not too keen on him right now, and is making sure he knows it.  Heck, he’s got dishes duty.  Even though we have a dishwasher, still.

Beth and I are getting the fringes of it, Sabby is really cranky, but we’re okay.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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