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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

Everything is so much better in the Smith house right now!  It was a hard week but sometimes I guess these things have to happen.  Right?  I’m kind of glad that Dave and Sabby see how bad David’s behavior was, even if that’s what it took to do it.  I don’t blame them, and I don’t hate David!  Not at all!   But they’re forcing David to interact with us more now, and, well, he’s not a bad kid.

This evening we went out bike riding, me, Beth, Liz, and David.  He has his own bike, but I’m the one who rides the worst, so they were nice and didn’t go too fast!  We’re not allowed to go on the frontage road yet, but every other street in the neighborhood is fine.  I know I like to run, but this exercised muscles in my legs I didn’t know I had!  When I run, it does the ones below the knee, I don’t know what they’re called, but when I ride, it does the ones above the knee.  I’m going to have such nice legs!  I know, but I’m a girl!  It’s nice to be pretty!!!  And it’s good core exercise too!

It’s such a pain shaving them, you know!  I kind of remembered how to do it right away after I was found, but it took a while to get into the habit!  But it makes them all nice and smooth, and even better, when I run, it’s less wind resistance!  I know, but every little bit counts, right?  I don’t know why us girls like smooth things, but we do!  Even our chocolate!!

But not so much our boys.  Never trust a smooth boy!  That just means they have a lot of practice being smooth!  Trust the more awkward and sweet ones!  Well, sometimes!!!  Sometimes they have practice being awkward and sweet too!  It’s confusing!  Just don’t trust any you don’t know well!!!

Otherwise, it was a boring day!  Boringly boring!  I ran, I did school, I ate, I did more school, I stopped doing school, I rode a bike with everyone!  It was fun!  After we got home, we cooled down a little, and I had a quick shower.  Then we had dinner!  Sabby always makes the best dinners!  I try to help but unless she’s actively trying to teach me how to make something, she tells me to go away and let her cook!  I think she likes it!  I asked David about his computer stuff, and he actually knows a lot more than I thought he did!  Maybe that’s how he got so good at doing naughty stuff!  I asked him to teach me how to do some things, and Sabby thought that was a great idea.  So I have a computer tutor now!  In return, I have to supervise him on playtime and teach him things I know!  It’s a fair trade!

I’m still catching Liz side-eyeing Dave and Sabby, though, when she thinks we’re not looking.  I need to ask her about that.

Off to brush Beth’s hair!!!  Bye!  Love you all!  My internet schnooky-ookums!  Too much?  Yeah, you’re right.  ❤️

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