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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

I love Beth.  I’ve made that clear lately.  She’s smart, and pretty, and has a good heart.  But everyone has flaws, and I think Beth’s greatest flaw is her jealousy.  She gets jealous very easy, and wants to be the center of attention wherever she is, and gets frustrated and angry if that doesn’t happen.

I’m not telling you anything she wouldn’t admit herself, maybe with a little prodding, but it’s been making life very difficult in the Smith household over the past few days.  She actually blew up at Sabby!  She called Sabby a few choice words (for a fourteen year old, anyway), ran off to her room, and slammed the door. She wouldn’t answer when Sabby knocked, then yelled, and not even threats of grounding were working.  Finally she said that if Beth didn’t want to talk, fine, her internet access was revoked until she let Sabby in to talk to her.  Well, the door opened, and another round of screaming and invective started.  Beth is usually very even, but when she gets going, well, girl gots a temper!

Well, so does Sabby, and Dave had to intervene before it literally came to blows.  Neither were (figuratively for the moment, anyway) pulling any punches, and Sabby does not like to be talked back to.  Sabby kind of looked at me balefully as she stomped over to her room, and I shrugged.  “Your daughter,” I said, not without compassion, but as I said, I’m tired.  That seemed to enrage her more and she just stomped off to her bedroom, and soon I heard the bathwater running.

Guess I can’t blame her.  Nothing like a hot bath to calm a girl down.

A half hour later, she came out in her bathrobe and wet hair, visibly calmer, but still pretty hacked off.  I guess I don’t blame her, really.  Beth is kind of being unreasonable here, in my opinion.  BUT Sabby does have a temper, and sometimes when two people start arguing who both have a temper, well, immovable object, irresistible force, and all that.

Dave and Sabby are both in Beth’s room right now, trying to have a civil discussion with her.  I love Beth.  I really do.  She’s a good girl.  But I didn’t have anything to do with Liz’s problem, and I didn’t ask to be included on their vacation, and I am just along for the ride like everyone else.  I wonder if her not being allowed to go to the convenience store anymore and probably losing her friends has anything to do with it.  She never seemed to like them, but I guess sometimes having bad friends are better than no friends at all?  I dunno.  Some girls feel that way.

I am not this house’s rock.  I am just a sixteen year old girl, trying to make her way like everyone else.  Sometimes I know the right thing to say, and sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes I just want someone to be my rock, you know?  Sabby is sometimes, Dave is sometimes, Beth is sometimes, and I don’t mind returning the favor, but Sabby was right.  Beth isn’t my daughter.  It’s her job to deal with Beth when she’s in this kind of mood.  Not mine.  I absolutely don’t mind helping where I can!  Don’t misunderstand me!  I love them all!!!  But…  Sabby was still right.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Love you all!!!  ❤️

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