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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!  The one and only!!!

I didn’t like last night’s post.  But y’know, life is life.  And sometimes you have to write about life even if it’s a little messy.  I know some little ones read this, but I don’t want to dumb things down for them.  I saw some old YouTube videos of a guy named Mr. Rogers, and he was a really nice guy.  I wish I had memories of him.  But he never shied away from difficult topics, like divorce, or death, or other things like that.  He taught me that children are little people too, and sometimes you have to put things in ways they understand, but you should never talk down from them or hide things.  That’s why, even though I’m careful, I still make posts about that topic.

Oh oh oh Liz showed me something hilarious!  There’s a band called Baby Metal and they made a song called “Gimme Chocolate”.  That’s my kinda band.  A whole song about wanting chocolate!  And girls got game too!  I need to look at more about them!  Liz told me there are songs about bubblegum, and spoiled girls, and love, and conquering, and all sorts of other positive things.  But chocolate!  They love chocolate!  How can you not like a band like that?

It’s funny.  Liz is Chinese, and Chinese culture is really important to her and her parents.  And that’s great!  But Liz is really into K-Pop, and my interest in Japanese has turned her on a little bit to J-Pop.  China just really doesn’t export a whole lot.  I’ve looked for it and there’s a little, but it mostly seems to be translations of Japanese and Korean stuff.  Maybe I should ask her about that.

Well, for once, it was a boring day.  Worked and rode a bike and ran and studied.  I’ve been learning more Japanese!  I’m a little proficient at hiragana now! こんにちは!  わたしはねこです!Not really.  I don’t like coughing up hairballs.

I did ask Beth what Sabby told her that made her squeal.  She wouldn’t tell me.  All she would say was that Sabby was going to do something special with her.  I’m happy.  I don’t need to know.  I’m sure that secret can’t be kept forever, anyway.  I think Dave and David are going to do something special too, just so no one’s left out.  This is great.  Everyone’s happy.

Countdown to Disney World:  21 days!!!  YAAAAAAAY!!!!

Love you all!!!!!  ❤️

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