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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

It’s Wednesday!!!

Ummm…  it’s Wednesday.

Weekdays can be so boring!!!


But cooler weather is finally coming!  Some rain tonight and then the heat is hopefully gone for good!  Until next year anyway.  What’s the opposite of a teruterubouzu again?  I’m going to put one out!!!

The movers have gotten all of Rebecca’s stuff and they’re driving a couple of semi trucks across the country!!!  They’re going to fly out this weekend and…  then she’ll be a resident of Texas!!! She’s a little nervous, but she likes Texas people (she says we’re really cool and much more down to earth, yay us!) and she’s getting an even nicer house with a huge pool and movie room and everything.  She’s a little more materialistic than we are, I guess, but she was raised in wealth, so I guess I understand that.  If it’s all you know, it’s all you know, right??

She wants all of us to come up and see her new house though once she gets settled in.  Not all of the girls are, well, really excited about that idea, but they don’t mind Rebecca and her heart’s in the right place, so maybe we’ll all take a trip up someday.

She may be my half sister, but if I didn’t like her, well, I wouldn’t like her.  She really is alright, though.

She won’t be down here in Austin much, though.  The only reason her family could pull off the move is because a lot of Robert’s clients are in Dallas.

She said she might miss the beach, but we have Galveston, etc.. it’s not like a California beach, but, at least it’s a beach.

I don’t have much other news today.  Yuki and Liz are over tonight.  Everyone seems to have accepted Yuki as one of the girls.  Even Marie!!! She’s a little reserved and sometimes she seems to not trust people until she gets to know them, but she’s great, and she’s really fun too.  Sometimes she seems sad, but I kind of understand why, and that’s when we invite her into a girl-pile and cuddle with her, and the sadness seems to melt away.  Not to toot our own horn, but we’re all warm and smell nice (most of the time!) and really care about each other.  How can you not love a pile of love like that?

When she said “it’s all I ever wanted”.. I really think she meant it.  It really is all she ever wanted.  To be loved for who she is and nothing more.

And finding that as an idol is hard.

It’s funny, you know?  You think of an idol a bit like a theme park, there for your entertainment, full of bright lights and good food and cheerfulness… all there for you to consume…  but if you look behind the locked gates you find dinginess and despair and buzzing transformers and soulless fluorescent lights and machine rooms and all sorts of things that you’re not supposed to see – but they’re the way things really are.  And some people really, really hate when their illusions are popped.

Like that first episode of Oshi no ko.


And you’d think a Japanese person would not like physical contact all that much, but she…  she can’t get enough.

I guess I get it.


Love you all!!! ❤️

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