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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

So last night, as I was about to get ready for bed, I found a chocolate milkshake on my nightstand.

I didn’t put it there.

I figured Sabby snuck it in without my looking, so, well… I drank the milkshake.  That’s what you do with milkshakes, right?  No use in letting a good chocolate milkshake go to waste.

Except, this morning, I thanked Sabby for the milkshake.

She said she didn’t put it there.

I asked Dave if he did.  Nope.  Beth?  No.  David?  …  no.


So a milkshake just appeared on my nightstand.

Thing is, that’s not the only thing that’s appeared in my bedroom.  Remember that flower?

Can I just manifest milkshakes now?  That would save me a lot of money!  And give me diabetes…  maybe not the kind of superpower you’d want to have.

Or maybe… someone… just wanted to tell me they were there.


Well, if you’re going to get on my good side, and tell me that you know me, then a chocolate milkshake is a pretty good way to do that, right?

I’m not even too worried about it, and that worries me!  I mean, strange stuff has been happening, and now it’s just kind of normal!  Isn’t that weird?

I asked Sabby if she was worried.  She just said, “Lily, for as long as I’ve known you, you’ve been an extraordinarily lucky girl.  I mean, things just happen to you.  At least now you have a reason why, I guess.  Do I like it?  Not really.  It’s… strange.  But it’s not like you’ve been killing live chickens and drawing pentagrams…  you haven’t been killing live chickens and drawing pentagrams, have you?”

“No!”, I said, a little scandalized.

“Well then, I guess we just deal with whatever happens.”

Seriously.  The only reason I’d kill a chicken would be to turn it into nuggets.

Oh well.  Nothing to be done.  Shikataganai.

So…. in other news… poor Yuki.  So somehow the pictures of Yuki at Kinokuniya made their way back to Japan, and now she’s in the news again.  “Former idol seen in Texas, of all places!  Does she have a boyfriend? Who’s the girl she’s with – OH isn’t that the girl from the train tiktok video?”  Sigh.  Goshdangit!!!

She doesn’t seem too upset about it.  She’s not too fond of the attention, but on the other hand, this isn’t Japan.  There’s not going to be a throng of tabloids camping out in front of her home and watching her every move.  She’s still got a lot more privacy here.

But she’ll have to go back to Japan someday.  Awww.

Anyway, it’s time for bed.  In case you’re wondering, Beth and I still brush each others’ hair at night.  Most nights, anyway.  It’s just… there’s no point in announcing every night “Time to brush Beth’s hair!”  It’s a really nice thing to do with my sisters, though.  Sometimes before we make a girl-pile we spend an hour just brushing each others’ hair and it’s the most relaxing thing ever.  Beth has soft and stringy hair which is a little hard to brush but comes out really well.  Liz has thick black hair, Yuki has nice hair but it’s not as thick as Liz’s.  And mine is, well, it’s hair.  Somewhere in between, I guess.  Actually, most of us have black hair.  Isn’t that weird?

One time we caught David peeking (naughty boy!) so we pulled him into the room, held him down, and brushed his hair until he screamed “uncle”.  Sabby wondered what all the fuss was about, we told her what he did, and he got in a whole lot of trouble.  I don’t think I mentioned that, might have been one of those days when there was a lot of other stuff to write about, and I try not to write 4,000 words unless it’s my birthday or something.

Ah well.  Goodnight.  No chocolate milkshakes tonight.  Must have been a special occasion.

Tomorrow’s high is 88, and some rain too!  It’s about time!!!

Love you all!!! ❤️

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