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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

Have you ever just woken up in a bad mood?  That kinda happened to me today.  I don’t know why.  I woke up, my hair was frizzy, my pjs were rumpled, the cat was on the foot of my bed licking its butt, and I just… couldn’t.  I dragged myself up, and I went for a run, and it didn’t really help.  I just felt cranky.

I guess a girl’s allowed a cranky day.

Sabby was all cheerful this morning for breakfast and I was just having none of it.  I just robotically ate, and then went to take a shower.  That helped a little too but, still.  I was just cranky.  All day.

Finally Sabby asked me what was going on, and I said I had no idea, I just hated the world at that particular moment.  She sighed and went for the chocolate pudding in the fridge.

“You know when I do things like this I feel like I’m playing favorites,” she said, sadly.  “But I can’t think of many things that chocolate doesn’t fix.”

I sighed and took a bite.  It actually helped!  I ate the rest of the pudding.  “Why do you feel like you’re playing favorites?”

“I never did this with Beth.”

“Beth’s a different person.  And a little younger.”

“True.  Maybe…  maybe I haven’t been fair to her and David, though.  You’re so much like me… and they’re not.”

I was quiet.  I scooped out another bowlful of pudding and ate slowly.  Chocolate really does fix almost everything.

She kissed my forehead.  “Take your time and get back to school when you’re ready.”

This evening she took Beth out for girl time, just the two of them.  I didn’t mind.  Everyone needs some girl time.  Except maybe David.  And she spends so much time with me, I can hardly complain, can I?  I just sat in a chair and read a book.  I think I see why Beth likes that so much.  Then Dave and I played a board game.  Now it’s time to brush Beth’s hair.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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