This diary entry is part 1 of 23 in Lily's diary dated 03 - September 2021

Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

It’s September!  Can you believe it?  September!  It seems like just yesterday it was August!  hahaha!  It was!

Sabby told me what “hump day” means!  Like the week is a speed bump, and Wednesday is the top of the speed bump, and then you go down from there.  Or a roller coaster!  I love roller coasters!  You get over the hump and then speed down!!!  That’s Wednesday!  When you climb the coaster and pause and down you go!

Sabby hates roller coasters.  I don’t know why!  What’s not to like?!

Or I think I like roller coasters.  I’ve never been on one.  But I think I like them.  Why do I think I like them?

Today was another boring day, but Sabby told us that we’re going somewhere special this weekend!  But she wouldn’t tell us where.  The waterpark?  But we go there all the time.  I don’t know.  I guess it’ll have to be a surprise.  Sabby’s scarily good at keeping a secret.  Even all my cute begging wouldn’t get her to crack.  Though she did smirk at me and say “nice try”.  And I threw everything at her too.  Batted my eyelashes and everything.  I guess that only works on guys.  Hey, maybe Dave would be an easier mark!

No, I’d better not.  Using my feminine wiles on Dave is a baaaaaaaaaad idea, no matter how innocently devilish I’m being.

And don’t you girls out there get any ideas!!!!  Batting your eyelashes to get what you want.  How rude!!!

And you’ll probably do it anyway, right?

Yeeeah, you’re a buncha silly billies.  I know you!  Silly billies!  All of you!!!  Willy Nilly Silly Billies!

I’m in a good mood today and I’m not really sure why.  I just am.  Why not be in a good mood?  It’s better than being in a bad mood!  I’m dancing in my chair!  Dance with me!  Wiggle to the left… wiggle to the right… wiggle to the right… gotcha!!! You wiggled to the left!!!  You’re awful at dancing!!!

I guess I need to do homework.  September is homework month!  And so are all the other months too!  Awwww!

Love you all!!!  ❤️

This diary entry is part 2 of 23 in Lily's diary dated 03 - September 2021

Hi!  It’s me again!  Lily!

I’m such a Lily that I’m a Lily!  That makes no sense!  Oh well.  I don’t have to make sense!  I’m a girl!!!

But boys don’t make sense either.  All that fighting and stuff.  But they don’t make sense in a different way!

Some stuff arrived today from that company that ships lots of stuff and is named after a river!  Textbooks!  Japanese textbooks!  Math textbooks!  Science textbooks!  I’m swimming in textbooks!  Sooooo many textbooks!  And some of them are heavy too!

I leafed through the Japanese one.  I can’t believe I’ll learn all of that!  It’s a hard language!  It’s funny to find Japanese things and use the google translator camera function.  You know that in Japanese the negation is at the end, right?  So if you aim the camera wrong it says the exact opposite of what the sentence says.  In English it’d be like “I’m going to the store!  Not!”

Oh well.  Japanese gonna Japan.

That made no sense.  But I said I didn’t have to make sense!  I’m a girl!

Sabby seems a bit happier lately.  I dunno why.  Maybe she’s just had some time to think it over.  She and Dave were making eyes at each other this morning, so maybe that has something…  err…. no.  Just no.  LALALALALALALA

Not thinking about that!

LALALALALAA!!!!!!!  Sunshine!  Moonbeams!  Rainbows!  Hamburgers! Skittles!  Cats that don’t wash their butts! LALALALALAA!!!!!!!!!  I can’t unsee it in my mind!!!!! hahaha! Oh well.  I guess Sabbies gonna.. er… Sabb?

Am I in a good mood?  I dunno!  I’m not making sense!  Maybe I am!  Maybe I’m just having a girly time!  You’ll never know!  MUAHAHAHAHAAHAHAA hey where’s the cat, I need to pet it and make evil noises, MUAHAHAHAHAHAA

Sabby still hasn’t spilled the beans.  She’s annoyingly good at keeping a secret.  I’m good at keeping a secret too, but not like her.  She’s on another level!

Oh well.  It’s late.  Time for bed.  Goodnight! Oh did I ever tell you about my pajamas?  They’re the most comfiest pajamas with little hearts and unicorns and rainbows and cats farting rainbows!!!  Or not.  You’ll never know.  Why do you want to know about my pajamas anyway?  Oh, you didn’t?  I brought it up?  Haha!  My bad!

Love you all!!!!! ❤️

This diary entry is part 3 of 23 in Lily's diary dated 03 - September 2021

Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

OH MY GOD can Sabby keep a secret!  Yesterday, after we got off school, someone arrived at the house!  Apparently, one of her friends from church has a sick family member and they needed to find someone to watch their kid, so Sabby offered to take her for a weekend.  Her name is Allison!  She is around 7 or 8, has brown hair, and is a lil shorty!

I don’t think David knows quite what to do with her. I’m not sure if he has a crush or hates her.  But he’s David, so all bets are off!

After she arrived, Sabby told us to pack for a trip!  We packed up, made sure the cat had plenty of food and water, and then hopped in the car, and drove to Houston!  We got two rooms at a reasonably nice hotel, one for the kids and one for the adults.  Me, being the oldest, was put in charge of the kids.  There was a bit of grumbling but they know I’m fair, so they accepted their lot in life without too much complaining.  Allison went straight for the pool!  I’ve never seen a girl move so fast!  I had to put my swimsuit on really fast and follow her, she can’t swim without supervision.  But she’s pretty good at it!  I just kind of lounged around in the pool and let her have fun.  David and Beth joined us shortly after, and there was much squealing and splashing to be had.  David wanted to play his computer games but Dave and Sabby made him leave his consoles at home.  Poor kid.  Not.  He’ll make do.

After that, we went to dinner.  We ate at a nice but not too fancy place, and everyone had something they enjoyed.  I had lasagna.  I love lasagna!  But it’s time consuming to make, so Sabby doesn’t make it often.  I got to know Allison a little bit.  Apparently she likes to play in mud!  I need to be careful around that one, that’s not far away from throwing mud.  Oh well, better not give her ideas.  She also likes to read graphic novels.  I told her about manga.  There’s so much manga!!!

We got a cot for the room so Allison could have her own bed, we thought having her sleep in the same bed as David would be a terrible idea, the kid is a hellian.  The cots are super comfy though!  Beth and I shared a bed, David got his own, and Allison got her cot.  Everyone was pretty happy with the arrangement, though I woke up in the middle of the night and found Beth sprawled all over me, out like a light.  It was cute, but I hadda go to the bathroom!!!

So this morning, we ate breakfast, and we’re about to head to the Space Museum!  Oh, that sounds like so much fun!  I hope everyone likes it!  That’s one small step for a girl, one giant leap for girlkind!  I’m glad I got to meet Allison, she seems like a sweet kid!

I’ll tell you how it all goes after we get back.  Love you all!!!  ❤️

This diary entry is part 4 of 23 in Lily's diary dated 03 - September 2021

Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!  From Houston!

Oh wow that was so much fun!  We went to see the space museum, and the rocket farm, and, and, all that cool stuff!! Some of those rockets and engines are HUGE!  I think Beth was gonna faint!  We spent the whole day just getting the tour and looking at all the cool stuff, and then we ended up in the gift shop and they bought each of us a gift!  I got a Saturn 5 keychain!  Beth got a book about how rockets work!  David got something cool he likes, I forgot what!  And they even bought Allison something too!

After that we went to get dinner, and we had sushi!  Allison loves sushi!  I have no idea how so much sushi can go into that little stomach!  David just went “ewwww” and would only eat cooked stuff, and Beth poked at it for a bit until she tried it, and then was happy.  It turns out I know how to use chopsticks!  For dessert we had mochi.  It was delicious!

We’re back at the rooms now and we’re getting ready for bed.  We drive back in the morning.  What a fun trip!!!  It’s just what we needed!  Houston is cool!!  Well, it’s hot and humid, but cool just the same!!!

Allison and Beth and I all are going to brush each other’s hair, and David, well, he’s kinda bored, but I think he’s a bit sweet on Allison, so it all works out.  He’s got a book to read, so he’s not completely left out.  I guess that’s how it is being a boy with three girls.  I don’t think Allison returns his being sweet on her, but such is being young.  They’re both really little anyway.  She just wants to swim, but the pool is closed.  Maybe she can hop in the pool before we leave tomorrow.

Well, our hair isn’t going to brush itself, so off I go!

Love you all!!! ❤️

This diary entry is part 5 of 23 in Lily's diary dated 03 - September 2021

Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!!!

So this morning, Allison spent a little time in the pool, then we packed up and headed home.  There was a lot of traffic, I guess because of Labor Day, but we made it safe and sound!  Once we got home, we unpacked.  David ran right over to his computer and made up for lost time, Beth just seemed tired and wanted to go read a book.  But we still had a young girl to entertain.  So I called Liz, and Sabby took us to the mall!!!

We haven’t been to the mall in a long time!!! I love the mall!  All the sights and sounds and smells!  Allison wanted a cinnabon, so we bought her one, and then just took a walk around as she munched on it.  There’s usually a little train, but it’s not operational because of the virus.  There are little robotic horses that children can ride, though, so we bought her a ride on one.  She loved it!  She was scooting all over the place!

Liz wanted to buy something Chinese, so we went to the Gift World, and she bought a cheongsam!  I love cheongsams, they’re so pretty!  Sabby bought one for me too!  But she told me that’s all I’m getting.  I’m okay with that!  Liz joked that I was appropriating her culture, then she laughed and said she didn’t care.  She thinks I look good in one too!

Sabby did buy a small anime figure for David though, and some incense for Beth.  She thought they’d enjoy that.

So we came home, and Sabby called Allison’s parents to find out when they were coming to get her.  They needed one more day, so I guess we have company again tonight!  That’s alright, I like Allison!  I’m just keeping her away from mud!!!

It’s thundering outside now!  How fun!  A little scary, but fun!  I think Allison is a little scared, but I told her that if you hear the thunder, the lightning has already struck.  She seems happier now!  She’s watching the lightning!

See you tomorrow!  Love you all!!!  ❤️

This diary entry is part 6 of 23 in Lily's diary dated 03 - September 2021

Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

So Allison’s mother came to pick her up.  She was glad to go home, but it was sad too.  She gave me a big hug and told me how much fun she had.  She gave Sabby and Beth one too.  She shook Dave’s hand in an all grown-up way, and gave David the stink-eye.  I’m not sure what he did, but I’m sure he did something.  Her mother told her to be polite, and she said, very primly, “Goodbye, David.”  I think she would have thrown mud at him if she could have.

He looked sad, but I’m sure that’s not the last time he’ll get his heart broken.  He probably deserved it for something.

I know I sound like I hate David, but I don’t!  I really don’t!  But sometimes he’s a little jerk.  It’s not fair to say, but it’s true.  I hope he grows out of it.  I’d like to be his big sister, but all he wants to do is play computer games and torment his sister.  I’ve asked Sabby about it, and she just said to give him time, he’s little yet.  And she’s right.  But still.

Turns out, though, she forgot her gift from the space museum.  I guess I’ll have to figure some way to get it to her.

Otherwise, it’s Labor Day!  It’s Barbecue Day!  Dave loves to grill!  So he’s out in back right now with the grill, hopefully not singeing his eyebrows off, but he’s happy as a clam!   He can be a bit clumsy sometimes, but he does know how to grill!  My mouth is watering with the smells already!  Hamburgers and hot dogs and chicken!  I can’t wait!  I know I sound like I’m picking on Dave too but I love him!  He’s like my father!  But what good is a father if you can’t pick on them for being a little clumsy?  He gets me back, too.  More than once I’ve been woken abruptly by a prank.

I deserved it, too, frankly.

Well, the smells are driving me nuts, so I think I’ll go out and see how Dave’s doing.  Maybe Sabby needs help with the potato salad.  Bye for now!!!

Love you all!!!❤️




This diary entry is part 7 of 23 in Lily's diary dated 03 - September 2021

Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

Well, it was back to school for me today, but that’s okay!  I learned things!  The space museum was fun and it was school too!  Beth has to give us all a presentation on how the Saturn V worked, because she got that book!  Those were such huge engines too!  I’m looking forward to it!

Of course, David had to say it was powered from tacos…

I have to give a presentation too, I have to give one on the Space Shuttle!  That was interesting!  I wish I could remember seeing it actually launch, but there are YouTube videos.  The engines aren’t as big, but they’re pretty cool too!!!

David’s presentation is going to be on the moon landing.  Of course it’ll be age appropriate, he can probably get away with a lot more than Beth and I can.  It’ll be a lot of work, but it seems like fun!

It was nice to meet Allison, she was a cool kid.  I don’t know what David did to piss her off so much, maybe I’ll ask him.  Rule #1 of finding a girl:  don’t piss her off!  I guess it’s good to learn those lessons while you’re young.

Oh, the grilling was great!  They were thunderstorms around but thankfully we didn’t get rained on until everything was grilled and we ate our fill.  Beth can really pack it away!  After we ate, we played board games and watched a movie.  It was a really good holiday weekend.

Well, off to bed now!  Toodles!  Toodaloo!  Auf Weinersain!  Sayounara!  Goodbye!!!

Love you all!!! ❤️

This diary entry is part 8 of 23 in Lily's diary dated 03 - September 2021

Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!  Your favorite sixteen year old with no memory!!!

I had my Japanese class today.  Sensei wants me to keep practicing the “k”, but she added another line now.  This is hard!  But I wanted to do it, so ganbarimasu.  I learned that!  It means “I’ll try my best!”

Well, it seems like it’s a little more final than that, but oh well.

I want to go to Japan someday!  I want to see mount Fuji!  Maybe take a picture!  Hahaha!  Fuji film!  Hey, how did I know that??  I want to see Tokyo!  Shibuya! Akihabara! Maybe I’ll buy a maid costume and give the boys a heart attack!  KIDDING!  I know Sabby reads this!  I think she’d kill me!  But Halloween is coming up, so I have to think of something

Maybe I’ll wear the cheongsam!

Actually what would probably happen is she’d say “if you’re going to wear the maid costume, I might as well put you to work”, and then I’d have to clean, in high heels to boot, and that wouldn’t be any fun!  I wouldn’t put it past her!  I saw how Claire Huxtable dealt with the girls who thought they had a singing group!  “Flinging parts from one end to the other!  I won’t HAVE it!”

No maid costume for me.

So, what else.  David actually asked me today why Allison was so mad at him!  Me!  So I asked him what he did.  He looked embarrassed, and said he pulled her hair.  Yeah, that’ll do it.  I told him that even though he’s nine, girls don’t like their hair pulled, and you have to show you like them in a better way than that.

So, he asked, what’s a better way?

I had to think, because I’ve never thought about it.  I don’t really think about boys.  I don’t want to be swept off my feet, I don’t want a boyfriend, I just don’t.  Like I said, I like boys, but I can’t think about that right now.  I don’t think girls that age would like flowers, or anything like in the movies.  Finally I just said “treat her nicely.”

“How do I do that?”

I facepalmed.  Of course he wouldn’t know.  He’s David.

“You know all that stuff you do to Beth?”


“Do the opposite.”


I can’t believe that worked.

“What do you like about her anyway?,” I asked.

“Well,” he said, clearly embarrassed.  “She’s pretty, and… and…  she likes some boy stuff.  Like swimming.  And baseball.  And mud.  I like mud.”

That’s not really boy stuff, but he’s nine, so I let it pass.  “You know she likes girl stuff too, right?”

He nodded.

“Then maybe try to understand what things girls like.  It won’t kill you to smell a little better,” I said, and ruffled his hair.  He looked embarrassed.  “Anyway, you’re young and there’s lots more girls out there.”

“I guess,” he said.  “I’m going to go play Roblox.”

And he did.  I was just happy he talked to me for once.

Dave tells me I need to start looking for a part time job.  Sigh.  But he’s right.  I have a car to maintain now.

Love you all!!!❤️

This diary entry is part 9 of 23 in Lily's diary dated 03 - September 2021

Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!  Your favorite Lily!  Unless you know another Lily!  Then maybe she’s your favorite!  Yay!

I’m in a good mood today and I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s because I have a full belly, David actually talked to me yesterday, I learned something at school, and…  no, don’t ruin it!  No, don’t tell me about all that political stuff!  I don’t want to know!  LALALALALALALALA

I’m putting my fingers in my ears!  My ears are cute!  And a good place to put fingers! Well, maybe.

It’s starting to cool down a little!  The days are still hot, but the mornings when I run are much nicer!  I still sweat, but the air feels much better!  It’s getting cool!  Hopefully we don’t get another ice storm, though!!!

Sabby saw my post and said I was right, if I were to try to get away with a maid costume she’d make me clean in it.  She was smirking, though.  She did know that Halloween is coming, though, and thanked me for reminding her.  Halloween isn’t a big thing in the Smith family but they do like to at least decorate the house a bit.  I told Sabby we should just put up a twelve foot picture of her with a stern look on her face.  She told me in return that I don’t need a maid outfit to clean.  I shut up.

Sometimes with Sabby shutting up is the wise thing to do.

Sometimes not, though.  She’s pretty fair.  If she’s wrong, she’ll fess up.  Just not always immediately.

She thought my comparison with Claire Huxtable was hilarious though.

I’m tired.  I still have some homework to do.  Did you know the Space Shuttle was a pretty complex piece of equipment?  I’ve been watching videos of it taking off.  It’s amazing.  The sparks, then the ignition… then the solid rocket boosters ignite and the whole thing just leaps into the air like Dave when I sneak up on him!  Challenger was sad, though.  I wonder what kids thought in schools when they were watching it explode.

Oh well.  That was a long time ago.  Before I was born.  Long before I was born.  Assuming I’m not some kind of immortal deity that came to earth as a cute sixteen year old girl and lost all her memories!  I think the chances of that are kinda low though, don’t you think?

But not impossible!  That’s the beauty of it!  Could you imagine the look on Sabby’s face?

Well, I’m through being a silly billy for tonight!  I’m silly!  Time for bed!  Goodnight!

Love you all!!!!! ❤️

This diary entry is part 10 of 23 in Lily's diary dated 03 - September 2021

Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

It’s getting cooler!  Yayayayayay!!!!!  It’s not cool, it almost never gets cold, but cooler!  It was in the mid 60s this morning!  It was a nice run!!!  Liz even ran with me before she had to go to school!!!  She wants to keep being able to fit into her cheongsam!

I’m tired, I’ve been sooooo busy.  So much to do.  I learned even more about the space shuttle.  Turns out that there’s more computer power in my smartphone than in all their flight computers!  Though their computers were much more rugged!  It was such a complicated thing!  I’m still amazed at the boosters!

Beth is really getting into her Saturn V project.  They had some pretty amazing technology, too.  She found some YouTube videos of a guy who rebuilt one of the Apollo flight computers and actually ran a flight sim using it!  And those rockets were so powerful too!  Apparently they were going to try to resurrect one and gave up.  That’s sad.  But I guess technology from sixty years ago maybe should stay dead?  I dunno.

I don’t think I want to be an astronaut, though.  I have a hard enough time with waterslides!  Keeping my top on!  Oh, Sabby bought me a joke sign, I’ll have to post a picture soon – it says “Swimsuits optional beyond this point”. har har har.  I’m laughing on the inside.

Oop, gotta go!  Time for the family movie!  We’re going to watch an anime!!!

Love you all!!! ❤️