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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Fall is here!  Ummm… sort of.

It was cooler today and stormed a bit this afternoon.  Nothing awful, not like last week.  Last week in Cedar Park there was a… what do they call it… a microburst that damaged a bunch of houses and fences!  Today it was just some booms and some nice rain.  I’ll take booms and nice rain.  The temperature was nice too!  Dave grilled today!!!

He loves grilling… I think I told you that.

The girls stayed over last night, and before Dave grilled we all went to the mall and wandered around the mall.  Yuki enjoyed the World Store, and Crystal always likes Cool and Eclectic – she buys all sorts of strange stuff that makes sense only to her.  Of course I like the “weeb store” where there’s lots of weeby stuff to buy.  It was lots of fun, and did I mention that Yuki is a riot?  I guess you can’t be an idol without being cheerful and outgoing, or at least knowing how to pretend to be cheerful and outgoing.  So we walked by one of those awful makeover places where they give you a little sample of something and try to drag you in for a facial.  Yuki… I swear… started floating and spinning around and winking and yelled… SUMIRU [smile] …. HURRICANE!!!” and made heart shapes with her hand and finished with her hair swishing around, her index and middle fingers pointed out in a very aggressive V, and a big ol’ smile and wink on her face.

They just turned around and ran for the safety of their store.

Then she turned it off like a light switch, brushed off her clothes, looked at us, and said “that’s how it’s done.”

Beth gushed, “That’s sooo COOOLLL! TEACH ME HOW TO DO THAT!”

Yuki grimaced.  I just giggled.  “You walked into that, Yuki.”  She laughed and told Beth she’d teach her.

There is, apparently, such a thing as being too outgoing.

We all got some really cute shoes, too.  Can’t have too many shoes.  Yuki likes the fashionable ones, you know, the short suede boots with heels.  Beth likes practical shoes, you know, brown leather slip-ons? Liz like dressy shoes (she always dresses very nice), Crystal would get army boots if she could afford them so she settles for black sneakers, Diana likes practical shoes with comfy soles, and me…  I like shiny Mary Janes.  They’re just adorable, especially with black knee highs and little bows.  Sometimes I even put a red heart on them with glue and glitter.  We don’t get shoes every time we go to the mall, shoes are expensive, but we all had the money today, so… shoes it was.  And it’s so much fun shopping for shoes, there are so many different kinds!!!

Yes I’m girly.  Sue me.

Yuki is introducing all of us to some really fun anime.  There’s this one called “Akebi’s Sailor Uniform” that she really loves and I can see why.  We watched the first episode today, and it is absolutely beautiful.  We all love Akebi.  If she were real I’d make her one of my sisters.  And she would too because she loves making friends.  And her little sister Kao is the best, she reminds me so much of Grace, and everyone loves Grace.

It’s sure a lot less depressing than “Oshi No Ko.”  After that one Liz was a little clingy for a day or two.  Awww.

But she loves the theme song, she’s been humming it so much…  and she’s even getting the Japanese pronunciation right!!!

Anyway… enough about that, I suppose.

I’m glad I met Yuki.  She’s a good girl.  And she really needs friends.  Real friends.

I mentioned the next time she goes back to Japan I want to go with her.  She said that I don’t really want to do that, because the moment she lands people will be mobbing her and bugging her and she won’t get a moment’s peace.

I said that’s why I want to go.  We’ll face that together.  I don’t like being the center of attention, but I won’t let her face that alone if I can help it.

I swear, her eyes started leaking like an anime character, and she glomped me, and gave me the biggest hug.

Besides, I said, she’ll know all the really fun places.  you know, the ones idols go to when they’re not idoling.

She giggled, and promised to give me as low key a tour as a former idol can manage.

Well, that’s all for today, I guess.  No thinky today.  Just sisters.  Jack and I are going on a date tomorrow.  And I’m not going to church.  Sabby was a little put out at that, but I told her it was the pastor’s idea and after last week I’m really uncomfortable with the idea, and she dropped it.  Besides, I was going because I wanted to, not because she wanted me to.  The girls are staying over again tonight, though, so I need to go brush some hair and make a girl pile.  And we got some hair stuff at the mall that smells really good that we all want to try.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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