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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

You know, it just hit me today that I’m eighteen.  I’m a woman.  I’m not a girl anymore.  But I still think of myself as a girl.  I mean, I even like Mary Janes and frilly dresses and knee high socks with little bows!!!  I don’t feel like a woman sometimes, but I guess I am.  Or at least the law thinks I am.

But I still have a weapons grade pout.  If I look at someone with puppy eyes and pout and say “pwease?  PWEASEEEE?” people just melt!  Or, if they’re Sabby, they tell me to cut it out and act my age.  That’s my Sabby!!!  But Dave can’t resist.  And, strangely enough, Liz can’t either.  Hahaha!!!

But I only use my weapons grade pouts for good!  Not evil!!!  Using weapons grade pouts for evil isn’t fair at all!!!

Crystal doesn’t have a weapons grade pout.  She just has a death glare, and HOLY CRAP is it effective.  Beth just starts cussing.  And I have no idea what Diana is saying when she gets that way, my Spanish isn’t that good.  I’m pretty sure I heard “pendejo” a couple of times.

And we saw what Yuki can do with weaponized cuteness.  I asked her if she took classes for that as an idol.  She blushed and refused to answer.  So, naturally, I assume she did.  SMAIRU HURRICANE!!!! Hahaaha!!!

Poor men will never know what hit them when she gets going.  Fortunately, she’s not really all that interested in dating right now.  She just wants to get an education and stay away from the craziness.

Actually…  I should offer her a job.  I bet she’d be really popular at the shop… though we do get some Japanese tourists and they might recognize her.  So… up to her, I guess.  She’s already got a lot of the skills we need in a server – knows her way around a costume, knows how to be cute, and maybe she’d even want to perform every now and then.  I’ll talk to Sabby and see what she thinks.  She could bring in a lot of customers, if we can keep the tourists under control.  Her call, though, and wouldn’t blame her if she said no.

Oh!  Speaking of the shop!  I haven’t talked about it in a while, ever since I got back from Japan I’ve been really busy!  I guess this is a good time to talk about it.  It’s humming along.  We have a few catering engagements every now and then where the cosplay girls dress up like maids and serve treats.  It actually really goes over well, and we even had to hire a couple more cosplay girls to keep up with demand.  Cat-girl is still in charge, and she seems to be figuring out how to set boundaries.  Or at least live within the boundaries we set.  There haven’t been any repeats of the bathroom incident that we know of, she’s been pretty fair with the girls and everyone seems to be a big semi-happy family.  She’s actually pretty smart, she just…  has chosen a really odd career.  But she has good business sense and knows how to give the customers what they want.  Too well, sometimes.

Baker is doing pretty good as a manager while Katie’s out on leave, and stuff’s getting baked.  We’re ordering other food items like sandwiches and similar light snacks, and those are selling really well.  Business isn’t amazing, but it’s pretty good, and we’re still turning a profit.

I’m not sure Sabby’s really happy with the direction the shop’s taken, but she can’t deny it’s been hella profitable.  Those cosplay girls really attract the customers.  Actually, we should set up a booth at an anime convention.  I bet the cosplay girls would love that.  I’ll ask Sabby what she thinks.  There’s a big one in Houston every year…  though there’s been a bit of controversy lately with that one. Aww.

And speaking of Katie… she’s doing alright.  Sabby’s babysitting little Sabrina a couple of times a week, and Katie’s taking some online courses, which is good.  I don’t think she wants to be a manager at our shop forever, and I don’t blame her.  She’s got a little mouth to feed and we can’t pay as much as we’d like.  But she’s doing pretty good with her courses so maybe she’ll get a nice office job someday.  Sabby seems in her element when taking care of little Sabrina, and she’s giving Dave the side-eye.  Uh-oh.

Little Sabrina’s busy being a baby, just, well, eating, drinking, pooping, and flailing her little arms and legs around.  She’s particularly fascinated by Cat.  Cat isn’t really returning the favor, though it does come around and sniff every now and then.

Once we caught Marie resting her chin on Sabrina’s little belly.  We thought it was really cute, took a photo, and then put a stop to that.  Dogs and babies really don’t go all that well together.  We’ll let them play when she’s old enough.

Oh!  Marie!  She’s fine.  Just doing dog stuff.  She’s happy she gets to go out more because the temperature is a lot better now.  She loves walks – but not many dogs don’t.

Alright, I guess that’s enough.  Yuki and I are both studying from our classes tonight, and we’re texting back and forth questions and answers and stuff.  It’s pretty fun.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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