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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

So…  I talked to Sabby today about maybe giving Yuki a job, if she wants it.  She’s…  of two minds, and I don’t really blame her.  On the one hand, we get a lot of Japanese tourists, and she’d be a major draw – plus, she has a lot of experience on the performing side and could help with the cosplay girls side of things.  We’d have to handle that carefully, but… yeah.  On the other hand, if word gets out, things could get out of hand, she might not want to do it anyway, and Sabby’s already a little hesitant about the direction the shop’s taken – though she admits readily that it makes us a lot of money.

That’s why she puts up with cat-girl.  Well, “puts up with” is a strong term, I mean, cat-girl is a bit of a polarizing figure in some ways, and Sabby accepts the schtick because having cute girls in cute costumes doing cute things is really good for business.

Ultimately, she said if Yuki agrees, we can figure out something to do with her.

So then I talked with Yuki about it today.  She… didn’t dismiss it out of hand, but she’s really hesitant.  Of course she’s worried about what happens when word gets back to Japan that a beloved idol can be found somewhere in Texas, with cat-girl as a bonus.  But she does miss performing and being an idol in some ways, and… maybe she can scratch that itch with us.

She’ll come over soon and Sabby, her, and I will have a chat about it and see if we can come up with something everyone can live with.

I asked cat-girl how she and the girls would feel about it, and she shrugged.  “As long as we can keep having fun here, the more the better,” she said.  She really does love what she does there – I mean, getting to dress up in cute costumes and acting all cute and raking in the dough while she does?  That’s like a dream for her!

I’m tossing around an idea – I asked her how she felt about everyone dressing in maid costumes instead of different cosplay.  She shrugged, but said she’d ask the others.  I’m thinking maybe we should just go full bore into becoming a maid cafe, but… I haven’t run that one by Sabby yet, yeah, I know she reads this.  It’s just an idea, Sabby…  we’ll talk about it soon.

I also wonder if we should add karaoke…  hmm.

I know, I know… we’ll talk about it, Sabby!

But my instincts aren’t usually wrong, and we really do get a lot of Japanese tourists…

Oh well.

Beth still goes there a couple of times a week to be a server, it gives her a little pocket money and she’s pretty good at it.  Remember when I said she’s like supermodel beautiful?  Well, when she’s wearing that frilly dress costume with the black tights…  omg everyone loves her!

I’m not even as beautiful as she is… though Jack doesn’t agree.

Speaking of Jack… apparently he’s thrown himself into his studies.  Aww.  That makes me happy.

Anyway…  got some studying to do then I should go to bed too.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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