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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

I ran out of stuff to put in the topic.  Bad me.

So today after school I took Yuki to the shop to meet everyone.  Baker didn’t care, she was too busy baking.  Same with other baker.  But the cosplay girls – cat-girl recognized her, and after a little uncomfortable fangirling which I shut down pretty quickly, it was down to business.  Yuki kind of turned on her idol charm (she’s that popular for a reason!) and everyone was eating out of her hand.  Figuratively, of course.

She and the girls actually got along pretty well, though.  Friends?  Maybe not yet, but they were chattering a lot.  Turns out Cat-girl being an internet model has some similarity to being an idol, and they spent a bit of time talking about how much they hated some of their fans.


But I heard some of the stories.  I don’t blame them.

I talked to Sabby about the maid cafe idea.  She’s really hesitant but she did go to a maid cafe in Japan (I didn’t know that!) and she thought it was a pretty cool concept.  But I’m not going to push.  What we’re doing now works pretty well too!

She’s a part owner too, so we have to agree on the big things.  She trusts me though, so she doesn’t just shut me down when I have an idea.  We talk about it.  Like it should be, I guess.

While we were there a Japanese tourist showed up and immediately recognized Yuki, and, well…  there was a lot of bowing and greetings and Yuki had idol mode turned on, and…  that’s pretty much a sight to behold.  She has them eating out of her hand!  Like she did Cat-girl.  Finally she said she had other things to do but said it with such cheerfulness that the guy seemed happy.  She did give him an autograph though, and he looked like he just won the lottery.  Aww.

Then he looked at me.

Man…  if Beth takes those lessons she’ll be insufferable!  Haha!!!

“densha kara desu ka?” he said excitedly.

I haven’t blushed that hard in a very long time.  Dang sisters!!!

Anyway, he got my autograph too.  Hah!!!

Yuki just looked at me funny.

“You know that prank my sisters pulled?”

“No… oh…  oh… OH,” she said, then giggled.  “They got video!”

“Yeah, they did,” I said mortified.  “It went viral.”

She giggled.  “You’re famous too.”

I sighed.  “Well…  I guess so.”

She flopped on the ground and laughed until she wheezed.

Sigh.  My sisters have no sympathy for me.  Oh well.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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