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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

so today was busy with studying.  Busy busy busy.  Lots of studying.  I went to classes, and then spent the rest of the day just reading and writing and doing all of the stuff that one does when taking college classes.

Sabby was making cookies.  By the way, to my “benefactor”…  to answer your note, they’ll be ready tomorrow afternoon, send someone by anytime.  She’s also going to have some for the owner, and probably enough left over to feed the rest of Round Rock.  Heh.  Oh, I haven’t given an update on that in a while.  Even though I can’t really invest yet, Sabby did get the LLC set up, and named me as an officer!  I’m taking some accounting classes, so maybe that will help.  There’s currently a real estate crash happening in the Austin area, so we’re hoping that in a few months we can get a place for a more reasonable price.  She’s keeping an eye on some of the sites for auctions and stuff for industrial baking equipment – the garage already has a few things in storage.  Like this REALLY BIG dough kneader with this massive stainless steel bowl.  It’s pretty cool.  She can’t really use it yet but it’s okay, good to get the equipment.  There’s also one of those large refrigerated glass cases for displaying things like cookies, but Dave doesn’t seem too happy about that being in the garage.  Oh well, then he’ll just have to help us get a place to put it!

Oh… I think I can tell now.  So do you remember that guy who was running my trust, and when I said I wanted to invest in Sabby’s company, he wanted in?  Well, my lawyer was not happy with that.  Something about a conflict of interest.  In fact, he was so not happy with that, he started looking more closely at how the trust was managed.  He sent a bunch of letters (you know, lawyer-type letters) and, well… turns out he wasn’t managing it very well.  So my lawyer filed a lawsuit, and, well, he’s not managing my trust anymore.

It’s true the economy’s gone a little bad, but he was doing some naughty things.

I’m not sure how that’s going to work out for me financially, but we’ll see.  My lawyer says I should at least get reimbursed for what the bad management cost me.

The lawsuit is still working its way through.  I don’t have to attend or anything because I’m not a witness, he just has to show up, Sabby and I have to sign a few papers, and, well…  money.  Maybe.

Beth is still being jealous, and quite honestly, it’s annoying me a bit.  Doesn’t she realize that the reason I have so many nice things is directly because I lost so much?  I mean, even that trust is somehow related to what happened to me, though my “benefactor” isn’t telling.  Maybe I’ll find out through other means.  Maybe not.  But as much as I really love Beth, she’s my sister, I wish she’d pull her head out and realize that things aren’t exactly rosy for me all the time.  At least she knows what it’s like to be a little girl.  I wish I did.

Anyway, otherwise, not much going on today.  Jack’s getting ready for school next week.  He applied for a job at HEB too, hope he gets it.  I mean, he worked at Kroger up in Ohio, maybe the fact that he has experience will help.  I wonder what they’d have him do.  I like HEB when I’m not getting accosted by random karens.

I haven’t talked about David much, have I?  Well, he’s just being David.  Playing computer games, getting in trouble, but he’s growing up a bit, and is being a bit nicer to me and Beth.  I guess being a pig wrangler at camp changed him a little.  He wants to go next year too.  He’s still in touch with his girlfriends, but they’re ten, that’s going nowhere for now.  It’s kinda cute though.  They’re teaching him how to treat girls, and that’s an education he sorely needs.

Okay, gotta go.  Marie’s whining at the door.

Love you all!!! ❤

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