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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

It’s Friday!

Today after classes I went over to Liz’s house – her family and Jack’s family (kind of the same, right?) wanted to have dinner and they invited me as well.  I guess they really do consider me a part of the family.  I dressed up nicely and went over, they made some traditional Chinese food.  It was delicious, as always.  There was a little grilling (the conversational kind, not the Dave kind!).  They asked us if we wanted children eventually.  Both of us blushed hard.  I think so, but we’ve never talked about it!

… Maybe we should, come to think of it.  We’re not quite that serious yet, but would be good to know, I think.

I mean, I think I want children someday.  Not now, of course!  But someday.  I mean, Grace is cute.  I’d like a little girl like Grace.  But then, I might get a boy like David, so…

David’s not a bad kid, but I wouldn’t want to be Sabby!!!

Anyway, it was a nice dinner, and then Liz and I came back here to watch a movie.  I’ll go somewhere with Jack this weekend, but not tonight.

Beth is over at Diana’s house.  I think I told yall that it’s repaired from the tornado now?  Yay!  So it’s just me and Liz.  But that’s alright.  I need to spend more time with Liz anyway.  She’s my best friend and my boyfriend’s been taking up a lot of time.

Ai wants to meet Jack too!!!  She thinks he’s hot too.  Sigh.  Everyone seems to think he’s hot.  I guess I’m lucky?  He’s just Jack.  Hot, yes, but Jack.

Oh, Allison had to have her baby teeth removed today.  Awww.  But I hear she was brave and didn’t even need much pain medicine!  I hope when she’s feeling better she gets lots and lots of ice cream!  Chocolate ice cream with whipped cream and cherries!!!

Anyway, I gotta go.  Marie needs walked and then Liz and I are going to my room to chat and sleep.

Love you all!!! ❤

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