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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And OMG did it hail last night!!!

Some big bad storm came in from the north and dropped softballs on us!!!

It was awful!!!  THUMP!! BANG!!! CRASH!!!

That crash…  was our cars’ back windows.


Thankfully the main car was spared because it has the kind of back window that’s vertical, but everything had dents and… awww.  And the power went out last night too, so I couldn’t post!!! We got out the flashlights and candles and…  read, and stuff.  Until it was time to go to bed.  Then… we went to bed.  The power came back on sometime during the night. The good news is after the last power outage Dave had a thinky moment and got some beefy power cells.  So we had enough power for phones and emergency lights too.  Yay!!!

So today was calling insurance and trying to find a place that could replace the windshields, which was a problem because everyone else was too!  It looks like it might be a week or two before they can fix it!  Dave went to the hardware store and got some plastic sheets and taped them over, so at least there’s that.  I guess I can drive it but it’s awful!!!

Liz’s car was damaged too… everyone’s car was damaged!  Awww!!!!

Oh well.  That happens in Texas sometimes.  Remember the tornado last year?

Some people went door to door offering to fix our roof, and Dave told them to buzz off.  Apparently those kinds of people are scammers.  But it does look like our roof does need some repairs, so Dave’s been calling the insurance company for that, too.

So that’s been our day.  Sabby took me and Liz to school and back so I didn’t have to drive a car with broken windows.  I bought her a milkshake.  She seems to consider that a somewhat fair trade.

Okay, well…  I guess that’s the big news right now.  Lily gets hit by monster hail!  Film at 11!

Time for bed.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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