This diary entry is part 3 of 29 in Lily's diary dated 15 - September 2022

Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And I am an IDIOT!!! Hahaha!!!

Well, today started out about like I expected.  Liz and I went to the waterpark.  And of course it was fun!  The waterpark is always fun!! Liz and I slipped and slid and whooped and hollered and had a really good time!  Liz even told the staff it was my birthday, and they gave me a little gift!  Nothing big, but it was nice of them.

So we came home, and Liz and I were going to spend the afternoon together.  We went in the house, and..


It was a surprise party!!!!  I can’t believe I didn’t figure it out!  Even after Liz dropped the biggest possible hint she could have!!!

And everyone was there!!!  All the girls and their family (even Allison), Emiko and her family, The pastor, the doctor who examined me…  even the owner!  Everyone!  Even the social workers!!! They yelled surprise and I just broke down crying like a little girl!!! OMG!!!  It was soooo nice!!!

And they had presents for me too!  Sooooo many presents!  I can’t even tell what all were here, there were soooo many!!!  But honestly I don’t care about the presents.  I mean they were nice and I appreciated them but I just cared that they were there!  They put a little hat on me and Dave grilled!!!!  And the cake was a chocolate ice cream cake!!!  THE BEST!!!!

Do I still feel cheated?  A little, I guess.  But I also feel loved.  And maybe that’s much more important.  Don’t you think?

I asked Liz why she sent me that hint.  She just said “I know you, Lily.  You’d never have figured it out!”  Awww.  Well, she’s not wrong.  This isn’t the first time people were dropping hints left and right and I still got surprised.

Oh, Allison made a drawing for me!!!  I’m eating chocolate!!!  Girl knows me too well!!!

Tonight the girls are sleeping over and we’re having our own girl-party!  With leftover ice cream cake and a movie and games!  And we get to stay up as late as we want!!!  YAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!

Love you all!!! 🎈❤

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