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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

OH MY GOD can Sabby keep a secret!  Yesterday, after we got off school, someone arrived at the house!  Apparently, one of her friends from church has a sick family member and they needed to find someone to watch their kid, so Sabby offered to take her for a weekend.  Her name is Allison!  She is around 7 or 8, has brown hair, and is a lil shorty!

I don’t think David knows quite what to do with her. I’m not sure if he has a crush or hates her.  But he’s David, so all bets are off!

After she arrived, Sabby told us to pack for a trip!  We packed up, made sure the cat had plenty of food and water, and then hopped in the car, and drove to Houston!  We got two rooms at a reasonably nice hotel, one for the kids and one for the adults.  Me, being the oldest, was put in charge of the kids.  There was a bit of grumbling but they know I’m fair, so they accepted their lot in life without too much complaining.  Allison went straight for the pool!  I’ve never seen a girl move so fast!  I had to put my swimsuit on really fast and follow her, she can’t swim without supervision.  But she’s pretty good at it!  I just kind of lounged around in the pool and let her have fun.  David and Beth joined us shortly after, and there was much squealing and splashing to be had.  David wanted to play his computer games but Dave and Sabby made him leave his consoles at home.  Poor kid.  Not.  He’ll make do.

After that, we went to dinner.  We ate at a nice but not too fancy place, and everyone had something they enjoyed.  I had lasagna.  I love lasagna!  But it’s time consuming to make, so Sabby doesn’t make it often.  I got to know Allison a little bit.  Apparently she likes to play in mud!  I need to be careful around that one, that’s not far away from throwing mud.  Oh well, better not give her ideas.  She also likes to read graphic novels.  I told her about manga.  There’s so much manga!!!

We got a cot for the room so Allison could have her own bed, we thought having her sleep in the same bed as David would be a terrible idea, the kid is a hellian.  The cots are super comfy though!  Beth and I shared a bed, David got his own, and Allison got her cot.  Everyone was pretty happy with the arrangement, though I woke up in the middle of the night and found Beth sprawled all over me, out like a light.  It was cute, but I hadda go to the bathroom!!!

So this morning, we ate breakfast, and we’re about to head to the Space Museum!  Oh, that sounds like so much fun!  I hope everyone likes it!  That’s one small step for a girl, one giant leap for girlkind!  I’m glad I got to meet Allison, she seems like a sweet kid!

I’ll tell you how it all goes after we get back.  Love you all!!!  ❤️

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