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Hi!  It’s me again!  Lily!

I’m such a Lily that I’m a Lily!  That makes no sense!  Oh well.  I don’t have to make sense!  I’m a girl!!!

But boys don’t make sense either.  All that fighting and stuff.  But they don’t make sense in a different way!

Some stuff arrived today from that company that ships lots of stuff and is named after a river!  Textbooks!  Japanese textbooks!  Math textbooks!  Science textbooks!  I’m swimming in textbooks!  Sooooo many textbooks!  And some of them are heavy too!

I leafed through the Japanese one.  I can’t believe I’ll learn all of that!  It’s a hard language!  It’s funny to find Japanese things and use the google translator camera function.  You know that in Japanese the negation is at the end, right?  So if you aim the camera wrong it says the exact opposite of what the sentence says.  In English it’d be like “I’m going to the store!  Not!”

Oh well.  Japanese gonna Japan.

That made no sense.  But I said I didn’t have to make sense!  I’m a girl!

Sabby seems a bit happier lately.  I dunno why.  Maybe she’s just had some time to think it over.  She and Dave were making eyes at each other this morning, so maybe that has something…  err…. no.  Just no.  LALALALALALALA

Not thinking about that!

LALALALALAA!!!!!!!  Sunshine!  Moonbeams!  Rainbows!  Hamburgers! Skittles!  Cats that don’t wash their butts! LALALALALAA!!!!!!!!!  I can’t unsee it in my mind!!!!! hahaha! Oh well.  I guess Sabbies gonna.. er… Sabb?

Am I in a good mood?  I dunno!  I’m not making sense!  Maybe I am!  Maybe I’m just having a girly time!  You’ll never know!  MUAHAHAHAHAAHAHAA hey where’s the cat, I need to pet it and make evil noises, MUAHAHAHAHAHAA

Sabby still hasn’t spilled the beans.  She’s annoyingly good at keeping a secret.  I’m good at keeping a secret too, but not like her.  She’s on another level!

Oh well.  It’s late.  Time for bed.  Goodnight! Oh did I ever tell you about my pajamas?  They’re the most comfiest pajamas with little hearts and unicorns and rainbows and cats farting rainbows!!!  Or not.  You’ll never know.  Why do you want to know about my pajamas anyway?  Oh, you didn’t?  I brought it up?  Haha!  My bad!

Love you all!!!!! ❤️

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