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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!  From Houston!

Oh wow that was so much fun!  We went to see the space museum, and the rocket farm, and, and, all that cool stuff!! Some of those rockets and engines are HUGE!  I think Beth was gonna faint!  We spent the whole day just getting the tour and looking at all the cool stuff, and then we ended up in the gift shop and they bought each of us a gift!  I got a Saturn 5 keychain!  Beth got a book about how rockets work!  David got something cool he likes, I forgot what!  And they even bought Allison something too!

After that we went to get dinner, and we had sushi!  Allison loves sushi!  I have no idea how so much sushi can go into that little stomach!  David just went “ewwww” and would only eat cooked stuff, and Beth poked at it for a bit until she tried it, and then was happy.  It turns out I know how to use chopsticks!  For dessert we had mochi.  It was delicious!

We’re back at the rooms now and we’re getting ready for bed.  We drive back in the morning.  What a fun trip!!!  It’s just what we needed!  Houston is cool!!  Well, it’s hot and humid, but cool just the same!!!

Allison and Beth and I all are going to brush each other’s hair, and David, well, he’s kinda bored, but I think he’s a bit sweet on Allison, so it all works out.  He’s got a book to read, so he’s not completely left out.  I guess that’s how it is being a boy with three girls.  I don’t think Allison returns his being sweet on her, but such is being young.  They’re both really little anyway.  She just wants to swim, but the pool is closed.  Maybe she can hop in the pool before we leave tomorrow.

Well, our hair isn’t going to brush itself, so off I go!

Love you all!!! ❤️

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