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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Oh we had soo much fun!!!

So all the girls stayed over all day Sunday (except Aika and Mika, they had to go home)!  We went to the mall, and walked around!  We played games!  We went to the park with Marie and played games there too!!!  We just had the best time!!!

And after, we had Dave-grilling and leftover chocolate cake and cookies!  And they stayed over!

And their parents came and got them this morning.  I guess they had plans anyway.

It was such a fun weekend though!  I had a birthday, and all the chocolate cake we could eat!!!

So today was pretty quiet, even though it was a holiday.  I mean, what we were going to do?  All the stuff we’d normally do on a holiday, we pretty much did all that for my party!  Dave just puttered around the house and did honey-do stuff, and I helped him out a bit.  David was playing one of the Japanese games I got him (he’s actually learning a little Japanese, can you believe it?)  Beth just kind of lazed around reading a book.  And I played around on the computer trying to get some rather finicky software working.

What a wonderful weekend, though!

Jack did wish me a happy birthday, and he was even there on a video call, but he wants to wait to give me my present until his family moves here.  I told him that him coming here was enough of a present for me, and aww, he blushed.  I got so many presents!  I don’t really have a favorite, they were all very nice and thoughtful.  Allison got me some chocolate!  Never enough chocolate!  Robert even said that a present was on its way, but would probably not get here until later in the week.  Oh well, at least he thought of me.

Crystal got me a locket that said “Sisters”.  I teared up a little.  I love all my sisters.  And Diana gave me taco earrings.  Which made me laugh so hard.  They were thoughtful and personal too!  Beth gave me a book, but not just any book, it was a copy of certain entries in her diary.  Where she started out angry with me, and then at the end, said how much she loves me and is glad we’re sisters.  How can I pick a favorite out of all of those?

It was the best birthday I’ve ever had!  It was the only birthday I’ve ever had that I can remember!  But It was so great!!!  I’ll remember it forever!!!  Well…  I’ll try to.  Who knows if I’ll lose my memory again.

You know what I realized?  I never mentioned Jack’s birthday on August 24th.  I was so mad that day I even almost forgot!!!  I certainly forgot to write about it.  I guess I can be excused for that, though.  Aww.  He wasn’t upset but said I’d better think of a good way to make it up to him.  Challenge accepted!!!  I’m blushing!!!  I can’t make a habit of that kind of thing, though.  He’s been so good to me.  We’re coming up on our one year anniversary of knowing each other!  And he might be here in the Austin area when we have it!  Yaaaaaayyy!!!!!  We’re not going to Orlando this year as far as I know, though.  Liz agrees – we’ve done enough travelling for a while.

I remember when I met Jack.  I didn’t want a boyfriend.  I didn’t want a boy.  But I took one look at him, and I wanted him. I didn’t even know why, he just made me weak in the knees and I could barely even look at him without blushing.  And the best part was, he felt the same way.  It’s not just that he was hot – though he was – it was that there was something about him that I just instinctively liked.  And whenever he touched me it was just the best thing ever, and I didn’t even know why!!!  Even just when he held my hand!

And Grace being cute as snot and coming with the package certainly didn’t hurt, lol.

Anyway, time to walk Marie and go to bed.  Marie’s grown so much!  She’s not a big dog, but when I got her she was a puppy.  And she’s not really a puppy anymore!  Sometimes she walks me!

Love you all!!! ❤

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