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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

My site was down last night!  BOOOOOO!!!

I’m still not the greatest at this tech stuff.  Support said something about a VPS losing connectivity or something.  I think I know what a VPS is.  It was bad news!  My site was down!  It said 522!  Whatever that means!

I mean I’m pretty good at running this site but the stuff underneath like PHP and wordpress and stuff?  Might as well be Korean!  Not Japanese because I know Japanese!! Hahaha!!

Anyway, it’s back up now and I can write a diary!!

Anyway, not much new to talk about.  I’m seventeen now, and it doesn’t feel too different than sixteen!!!  I mean, I still have the same house and parents and pajamas and body wash – and I’m still not telling, you silly-billies!  All that happened was I had a really fun party that lasted pretty much for two days and it’s less than 365 days now until I’m an adult!!!

Me… an adult.  That’s really strange to think about.  I remember when I was fourteen!  Though I didn’t know it at the time.

School is pretty fun!  I mean, some of the stuff is a little nuts – there was a sign someone put up in the student life center that said “My culture is not yours to appropriate”.  I never understood all that “cultural appropriation” stuff.  Japanese people seem to love it when we take their culture and do stuff with it!  And it’s fun when they do that too!  So what’s the big deal?

I won’t ask any of them, though.  They’ll probably find the question offensive.  “It’s not my responsibility to educate you”, they’ll say.  But…  if you want me do what you want me to, isn’t it at the least your responsibility to tell me what you want me to do?

Shrug.  People are crazy sometimes.  Sabby has different words for it, but I’m not saying them here!

So college is a little weird, but most of the political stuff just goes in one ear and out the other.  I’m there to learn stuff, not to get all political!  So far I’m learning college level math, introductory English composition, and taking a computer science class too!  I’m learning something called Linux!  It’s hard!  But they tell me that’s what things like my VPS run on, so maybe it’s a good thing to learn!!!  A couple of other classes too but it’s just typical college stuff!!!

I’m not the smartest girl (Beth is!) but I’m pretty smart.  Just a lot of homework and tests.

Anyway, speaking of which, I just did a bunch and I’m beat!  Time to walk Marie and flop my seventeen year old butt on the bed and start snoring!!!

… do I snore?  I should ask Jack.  That time we accidentally fell asleep cuddling… he might know.

Speaking of Jack, his parents have an apartment now!!!  It’s a three bedroom south of the tollway, seems like a nice (but a bit expensive) complex.  I guess they’ll start looking for a house once they get down here.  Everyone’s packing up!!!  Grace is a little upset, she’s got some little friends up there, but they told her she gets to see me more, and Lily gets to see Marie more, and she perked up.  And she gets her own room too!!! She’ll be fine.  He’ll be here in a couple of weeks, they’re still getting all their moving ducks in a row!!!  Jack’s a little sad to leave too, he’s lived there all his life, but he gets to spend more time with me, and I told him he already has a bunch of ready-made friends!  Just add chocolate!  Hahahaha!!!!!

I’ll have to find him some guy friends though, if he doesn’t find some himself at school.  Maybe he’d like to meet my tech friend!  Well… my tech friend had a crush on me, so maybe not the greatest most wonderful idea.  We’ll think of something!

Love you all!!! ❤

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