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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

I didn’t post yesterday.

Well, there are several reasons for that.

Reason number one:  Liz and Yuki and Beth and I went out yesterday evening.

OMG Yuki is a riot!!!

I think even though she really enjoys the anonymity, she does miss Japan.  So we kind of gave her the Austin Japan tour.  We took her to Kura sushi over on Airport, and she pigged out.  She said it wasn’t exactly like Japanese sushi, but it was really close, and she liked the atmosphere.  The place even has those electronic sushi ordering things like in Japan.  She can really pack the sushi away too!!!

Then we went next door to a Kinokuniya and she got some Japanese manga.  That she said wasn’t exactly like a Japanese bookstore, but it had Japanese manga, so she was happy.  She also picked up some really silly looking and overpriced plush thing.  I…  think she was recognized, though.  I caught one of the cashiers hurriedly scrolling through her phone while glancing at her.  Aww.  I didn’t tell Yuki then, though.

Then we went over to Main Event and played games.  We don’t go there often but I know Japan has a bunch of those arcade places and I thought she’d like it.  Oh, she did!!!  She was playing pokemon-themed coin pushers and arcade games and bowling…  we were just kind of there and she was having all sorts of fun.  It was really nice to see her having fun.

Then we took her home with all of her loot.  Before she went in, I told her what happened in Kinokuniya.  She looked a little sad, then shrugged.  “Worst that can happen is she tells some friends, I guess.”  I agreed.  That’s not the worst that can happen, but the worst that probably will happen.  And even if she gets mobbed by Otaku here, it’ll be nothing like in Japan.  Right?

Right?  I hope.

Beth asked her if she’d teach her how to be an idol for her voice classes.  She looked a little uncomfortable with that, but Beth turned on the charm and she agreed.  Beth made clear all she wanted was to know how to be cute, you know, with the “beams” and charm points and stuff.  Oh, I’d love to be a fly on the wall in those lessons.

Oh that reminds me…  I need to get with Beth on what piece she wants to sing.  I have this rather sad suspicion she’s going to choose “Idol”.

Why do people prance around like idols when that song is very much about how much it sucks to be an idol sometimes?


I.. do not want those lessons.  I’m cute enough, anyway.

I think it’s to Beth’s favor that she treated it just like asking for career advice.  She’s not fangirling, she just wants to… know how to act like an idol.  I think that’s why both Yuki and I let it pass.

But we’ll have to teach Beth Japanese pronunciation too, because that’s advanced level JPop.

Anyway, we got home late and I didn’t really feel like posting, so I didn’t.  It was fun though, and Yuki’s really growing on Liz, and vice versa.  It’s cute.

So.. the other reason.

I opened my previous adopted parents’ letters.

I don’t want to repeat them here right now.

They wanted me to have them in case something happened to them.  I guess…  they knew that I wasn’t turning out very well and they blamed themselves for it.  Maybe they should have… I don’t know.  From every description, including from Vanessa herself in my first dream, they were terrible parents.  Not great scientists either.  Certainly not malicious people, they actually seem well meaning, they just put career before everything, and failed at that too.

That’s… a little depressing, actually.

It’s depressing because before the “event”, every single adult in my life failed me.  Robert failed me, Emiko failed me, my previous adopted parents failed me, even the person who let me in the room against security protocols failed me.  Everyone failed me, and if there had been even one broken cog in that wheel, maybe… maybe I’d still have my memories.  It sucks.  It…..  well, curse word here… sucks.

Yeah, it all worked out, but…  what bad luck!!!

So.. well… here I am, I guess.  Yuki’s off doing homework, and so am I… and I had some classes today.  So tonight I’m just catching up on stuff and about to go to bed I suppose.

I keep meaning to pray.  I keep forgetting.  Or maybe intentionally forgetting.  I don’t know why.  I might have been touched by heaven, but I still don’t trust God, if I’m being honest.

Oh!  It looks like it’s finally going to actually cool down next week!  YATTA!!!!!!!  It’s only been like three months of 100+ temperatures!

Love you all!!! ❤️

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