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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

It’s Friday!!!

All the girls are over!  Yuki too!!! We’re busy shoveling in chocolate and eating pizza and having fun.  Everyone’s welcoming Yuki!  I’m glad!!!

None of them are fangirling but a lot of them are curious about life as an idol.  Yuki’s telling stories.  Some are funny, some sad, some awful…  and she has some really good memories too.  She was telling a story about how a couple of babies in her audience had glow sticks and were doing a pretty passable wotagei! Like in “oshi no ko”!  And there was this one guy who saw she was really hot (sweating, not appearance) and bought her a cold water.  Being an idol really seems like a mixed bag.

And she was telling about her graduation concert, where they put her in a beautiful dress and all of her fellow idols were sniffling and crying…  and when the cameras turned off, the crying didn’t stop. That’s one of her most treasured memories.  They spent the evening after her concert just eating and catching up.  Once she wasn’t an idol anymore, they weren’t competing, and their lies started to drop a little, and she saw who they were inside.

And they were sad, lonely little girls inside, sometimes.  Just like her.

She had made quite a bit of money, comparatively, with her photobooks and acting and all the stuff an idol does, so she came to America.  I asked her why she didn’t end up in one of the bigger cities and one of the more prestigious colleges.

She shrugged.  “They’d recognize me.  No one’s recognized me here, yet, and I’m getting a decent education.  Besides, after this, I can take the credits to a better college.  And, well, English is English.”

Can’t argue with that logic.

But we didn’t spend all the time talking about Yuki either.  Yuki spent some time getting to know Crystal and Diana more.  She kind of bonded a little with Crystal, because say what you want about Crystal, what you get with her is exactly what you get.  That’s one of the things we all value about Crystal, even though she can certainly step on toes sometimes.  I guess when you’ve been through what she has, there’s no point in lying anymore.

Yuki and I were frustrating everyone else by speaking Japanese.  It was funny.

Anyway…  we’re going to bed now.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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