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Hi! it’s me! Lily!

You know how I say my life is a soap opera?  You ever wonder what happens when the camera’s off?  Do the characters go to the bathroom or take a shower or just sit there reading a book? That’d make for awful television, wouldn’t it?  Well, today’s one of those days.  It was just quiet and nothing important happened.

Oh you know that complex that Jack is moving to is the same one the Texan Tinkerer guy (Dave’s friend) lives at!  That’s cool!  But he’s got his own stuff to do.  He’s been making sports card videos lately, no idea why.  Isn’t electronics more interesting?  Maybe he just got bored with it.  I don’t know.  We don’t talk too much, but every now and then he asks Dave about me, so it’s nice that he cares.  He sent me a birthday present!  It wasn’t anything big, just some earrings with a tiny led that changes color.  Actually, that’s pretty cool!  Not the earrings themselves, but that they’re so small!

Turns out his birthday was close to mine, too!  I didn’t know!  I felt bad, but he didn’t seem too worried.  I guess when you get older getting presents from teenage girls isn’t as interesting as it used to be.  Maybe I’ll send him something anyway.  Maybe I’ll make some trading cards of me!

Oh, I don’t know.  I’m just rambling now.  It was that kind of quiet day where you can ramble in your diary about nothing special.  I like those kinds of days.  It’ll get more interesting soon, I know it will.  But I…  kinda hope it doesn’t, y’know?  Every time it gets interesting I end up crying.

Love you all!!! ❤

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