This diary entry is part 21 of 28 in Lily's diary dated 19 - January 2023

Hi! It’s me! Lily!

I’m still sick.

A little worse than yesterday but not too bad.  Just a little stuffy and blah.  Awww.

You know, I’ve never told you if I’m vaccinated for COVID.  I’m not going to tell you, either.  I might be or might not be, you’re not going to know.  The thing is, I’ve watched people get really silly over it.  Some people think that everyone should be vaccinated, some people think that no one should, and some people just don’t care.

So if you want to think I’m vaccinated, you can.  If you want to think I’m not, you can too.  It’s kind of like what my pajamas look like.  It’s none of your business!!!

I don’t think this is COVID though.  If it is, oh well.  It’s not bad.

But I spent the day resting.  It’s nice to rest every now and then, don’t you think?  Just resting and watching YouTube and eating chocolate.  Sabby brought my some ice cream and ginger ale – nothing better than ice cream and ginger ale!!!

Well… not at the same time, I guess.

She brought me triple chocolate chunk ice cream with chocolate syrup and chocolate whipped cream!  And chocolate sprinkles too!  It’s the brownest thing I’ve ever eaten!!!

And it was DELICIOUS!!!

I always feel better after chocolate.

So I’m going back to sleep.  Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow.

Love you all!!! ❤

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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And I’m feeling a lot better..

I guess I had a low grade fever because it broke last night.  I woke up all sweaty and then after tossing off the covers went right back to sleep, and I slept well this time!

So I’m better now.

Even Lilies like me get sick sometimes.

Sabby wanted me to stay home and rest, so she took Beth to school.  I felt like I could have gone!  But she said no, stay home and rest.

She really does take care of me.

And gave me another helping of that miraculous triple chocolate creation!!!

So I spent today watching YoouTube and doing homework.

Marie says hi!!

Love you all!! ❤

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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And everything’s back to normal!

I’m going to school and Sabby’s baking and Dave’s, well, Daving, and Beth’s going to school too and David’s getting into trouble.  You know, the normal stuff.  The shop is doing pretty well but it’s kind of humming along – the holidays did really well, now we’re doing okay.  Sabby wants to branch off into light deli food and snacks to get some of that lunch traffic, and I think it’s a good idea but not sure we’re ready for it yet.  Besides, the baker isn’t a deli food maker, she’s a baker.  And we’re a cookie place, not a deli.

But otherwise, we’re doing well.  cat-girl has a bunch of regular clients that come around to see what she’s dressed as, and buy cookies while they’re at it.  There’s actually a webpage that popped up called “What’s she wearing today?” where every day they post a picture of her costume.  She seems to like the attention, but I wonder how good it is.  Katie seems dead set against it for herself, and I don’t blame her, but I can’t deny that cat-girl really drives business.

And what gets me is, cat-girl somehow wears a completely different costume each day.  She mixes and matches, but no two are alike.  Today she dressed like a Japanese schoolgirl maid.  I have no idea how she pulled that off, but she did.

Valentine’s day is coming up, so we certainly have to do something special for that.

But we’re doing alright.  Everyone’s getting paid, we’re building up a nice nest egg, and the employees seem to be happy.  I don’t know what else you could ask for.

Okay!!!  Marie needs walked and Beth needs brushed!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

So Dave got the bright idea after work to pressure wash something.  He really seems to like to pressure wash stuff.  Must be a guy thing.  I can’t deny it’s cool to see things get sparkly after you hit them with a pressure washer.

Problem is, Dave is kind of a klutz.

He pressure washed a cat.

The cat is fine.  It just happened to be walking by as he was spraying off whatever he was pressure washing, saw a cat jump ten feet in the air, meow, and run off.

Never get in Dave’s way when he’s got a pressure washer in his hands.

But.. he was pressure washing the grill.  So tonight he grilled some meat for us on his newly clean grill, and it was delicious. He’s not a klutz when he grills!  Just when he pressure washes cats.


Love you all! ❤️ 

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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

I’m tired.

It’s hard work being a Lily.

There’s always so much to do.

Dave’s a little embarrassed about yesterday.  I don’t know if anyone has ever accidentally pressure washed a cat.  I mean, the cat’s fine, he didn’t get it with the high pressure, he was just spraying things off, but still…  he pressure washed a cat.

Only Dave could do that.

We’ve been walking by him and meowing.  I don’t think he likes it all that much.

Other than that, a pretty quiet day.  Ai told me about her Lunar New Year, and she had a lot of fun.  I guess they went to one of those lantern festivals, you know, the ones where they wear kimono and write their wishes on a lantern and float it out on the lake.  She also had mochi and other fun things to eat.  Japan has the best festivals.  Matsuri da!!!

Hiroshi wants to come to the US, Ai told him how much fun she had and he’s jealous.  Can’t blame the little guy, I guess.

Oh, she loves her dog too!!!  I guess she got a shiba inu!!!    She named it Lily too!!!  Aww!! That’s two dogs named after me, one across the world!  How funny!!!

Okay…  I’m tired.  I’m going to bed.

Love you all!!! ❤

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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

OMG I didn’t write!!!  I’m bad!!!  On Friday all the girls came over and we had fun!  Dave grilled, and we played games and it was so fun!  But I forgot to write…

And then yesterday we went to that place at the Temple Mall!!!  Trampoline, wall climbing, all that stuff!  It kind of sucked for Beth because she wore a skirt!!!  She didn’t realize it until she was halfway up the climbing wall and there were a bunch of boys sitting there with popcorn like they were watching a TV show!


But we found some shorts for her to put on and she had fun anyway.  Not before they got yelled at by both Sabby and Beth though.  Poor boys.

Beth needs to be more careful about that!!!

But… I didn’t write because I was tired!  All that jumping and go-karting and lazer tagging and all that stuff wiped me out, and we all went home and just crashed!!!  It was so much fun!  I didn’t even know that place existed but we’ll be going back!!!

Temple’s about fifty miles away so a bit of a drive, but still… fun!!!

So all the girls went home today and it was a quiet day.  Thankfully.  I’m tired!!!  All that fun wears a girl out!!! But at least it makes this week a bit better.  Lots of school and stuff to do.  And Beth’s about to start her driving school too!!!

Okay, see you!!!

love you all!!! ❤

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Hi! It’s me! Lily!


And it’s cold outside!!!

School is cancelled for the next couple of days, so David, Beth, and I are all going to be home together.

Sabby still wants us to do something for school, so we learned about the different types of water precipitation. You know. Freezing rain, sleet, ice, and the twenty words Alaskan have for snow.   Haha!!!

But seriously it’s cold out!  Brrrr!!!

But it’s warm outside.  So far no power outages.  Everything’s good.

Except when we have to take Marie outside.  She’s not exactly happy with that either.


Love you all! ❤️ 

This diary entry is part 28 of 28 in Lily's diary dated 19 - January 2023

Hi! It’s me! Lily!

It’s still cold! And very icy!!! I went outside to take Marie for a walk and almost fell on my butt!!!

I like texas but this is too much ice!!!

So we stayed indoors again.  Sabby closed the shop too.

Sabby made today a free day so we just did whatever.  I played on my computer and did some chores.  Beth read.  David played games.  Because of course he did.  But it all worked out.

It’s supposed to be icy tomorrow too!  Aww!

But it’s nice and cozy here.  That’s important!

Love you all!!!