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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Beth is a little jealous, she gets that way sometimes.  I think she wants a boy.  Sabby told her she’s too young and can date when she’s sixteen.  She threw a bit of a hissy fit, but I reminded her that’s less than a year away, and she doesn’t know any boys she wants to date anyway.  She quieted down but still didn’t seem happy.

Her face is starting to lose her baby fat, and she’s really becoming quite a beautiful young woman.  She’s got this light chocolate skin I can only dream of.  Mine is more… Japanese colored, I guess.  I bet boys will jump to date her – if she can manage to not get jealous and go off on them.  Maybe I should have a talk with her before her next birthday.  Boys don’t take well to jealous girls.

But Sabby’s right.  She’s a bit too young.

Liz seems sooo happy!  She can’t wait to see her boy again!  I told her to calm down a bit, she still has lots of stuff to do that doesn’t involve her boy.  She sighed and whined that I just had to remind her to practice violin.

I hope he can play an instrument or something.  She really is a classy girl.

Oh, Sabby was right. Cat and Marie are getting along better now.  Cat still bops Marie across the nose, but I caught them cuddled up last night.  I guess a warm fluffball is irresistible to more than just humans.

Marie looked kind of victorious, and Cat looked a bit embarrassed.

Animals are smarter than we think.

Love you all!!! ❤

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