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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!!!

Today was a pretty boring day.  I ran, did schoolwork, did more schoolwork, played with Marie, ate dinner…  Sabby made lasagna tonight!!!  OMG is it good!!!

After dinner Sabby sat us down and started learning about business.  Notice I didn’t say teaching.. this time she was the student along with us.  We learned about a basic business plan, accounting, that kind of thing.  She’s getting kinda serious about her cookie business, I guess she thinks she has a winner.

Y’know, I kind of agree, I think she does.

I guess it’ll be a long road.  All she’s got is the product, and she still has a few more products to come up with.

David was whining that it was boring, but she said he needed to learn it anyway, and if he still thought it was boring, she’d put him to work in the kitchen.  Given the mac and cheese fiasco, I’m not sure that’s the greatest idea, but I guess anyone can learn.  He has learned to make a passable mac and cheese, at least.

That reminds me, Sabby said she’d teach me to cook too, and she hasn’t.  Oh SAAAABBBBYYYY!!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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