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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Sabby struck gold!!!

I don’t know what she did.  She won’t tell me.  But she made a cookie that is the best cookie I’ve ever tasted!  It’s chocolate, but it’s got a kind of tang to it that I can’t quite place, but it’s really really good!  She calls it Sabby’s Spectacularly Scrumptious Scookie!

… she might have to work on the name.

But I think she’s going to start her pastry business!!!

And she wants us to help!!!

But I’m not sure what our jobs will be yet.  We can’t work full time obviously, but I’m sure she’ll find something for us to do, and it’ll be part of our schooling too!  It might be fun!

We’ll see.  I’m sure she’ll be a good boss, and maybe it will help David learn some responsibility, too.

Speaking of responsibility, he got in trouble.  He let Marie out and forgot about her.  We caught her halfway through digging under the fence.  David got yelled at pretty badly for that one.  He said “But it’s Lily’s dog, why should I have to take care of her?”  Sabby just said “I got her for Lily, but she’s a family dog.  We all take care of her.  And if you ever do that again I might just leave you out for a while.”

He got the message.  I think.

Kid’s really got to learn some responsibility.

And Dave’s out putting some mesh under the fence so she can’t get through.


Love you all!!! ❤❤

(you get an extra heart today because I feel like it!)

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