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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!!!

I am such a Lily that I’m a…  Lily!!!  Isn’t that cool?  I’m the Liliest Lily that ever lilied!!!

So I found the most amazing thing on YouTube!! Remember how we went to the waterpark a lot?  Before school started??  Well, there are two waterparks in the area.  An indoor one up north (that got hit by the tornado!!) and another one a bit to the east.  The one to the east has a wave pool, and water slides, and…. and I found a YouTube channel by the guy that runs them!!!

The actual guy that runs them!!!

So many amazing things!!! Pumps!!! Valves!!!  Electrical thingies!!!  And this big blue tank that filters stuff!!!  It’s amazing!!!  The wave pool has these blowers and these pistons that go clunk hisss clunk hisss!!!  And he even said that sometimes when people want to see the pump room he’s chill about it!!!  Maybe next time we go to the waterpark I’ll ask!!!

But my favorite thing about the waterpark is not losing my top!! hahahaah!!!!

I can’t wait to go to the waterpark again!!!

Anyway, I guess other than maid-gate it’s been a pretty slow week.  Just schoolwork and schoolwork and.. did I mention schoolwork?  Dave still takes me tinkering out in the garage, he bought me a nice aftermarket car stereo but the thing is, I have to install it!!! So I’m learning about that stuff.  And I’ve been driving too!!! I can’t get my “real” license yet but I got a little night practice!!! It’s scary!!!  Oh oh oh and I’m practicing for my recital too!!!  I’m doing a piece by Chopin!!  And one by Debussy!!! And… and a hard one by Liszt!!!

I wonder if he had a shopping liszt to get food!  Hahahahaahah1!!!!!

…. I’ll be over here.

It’s still a bit hard to read music but I’m learning!!! Again?  I don’t know.

Love you all!!! ❤

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