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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

It’s FRIDAY!!!!!!


And it’s GIRL PILE NIGHT!!!!

So all the crowd came over tonight!  Liz!  Crystal! Diana!  Allison would have come but she had a movie to watch at school!  No Aika and Mika, but that’s just because they’re in Houston.  Awww.  We watched a movie!!!  Allison really likes Encanto, and Diana wanted to see it, so we watched it! Sabby grumbled a bit, she’s not happy with Disney right now for some reason, but we watched it anyway.  It’s about…  a hispanic girl, I guess.  Diana really liked it!

Oh and Diana made tacos!!!  YUM!!!!  Sabby doesn’t really like people in her kitchen but Diana’s tacos are sooooo good that she lets her do it!!! And they are!!! Crystal just created a very efficient plate to mouth transport mechanism by way of her digital appendages, and Liz was a little more, umm… reserved.  But even she thought they were delicious.  That’s why Diana got to choose the movie!!

So now we’re going to play games and make a girl pile!!!  Jack, Liz wants me to tell you that our girl piles are completely innocent and the tacos might make things a bit challenging tonight!  hahahahaa!!!!  Diana thinks you’re a bit of a heel but I told her you’re a good guy, just… no sisters.  She seemed to understand.  She’s an only child.

Oh and I video called Grace!!!  YAAAAAYYY!!!!  She’s having a good time in Ohio!!!  Oh!  They got her a doggie!!!  YAAAAYYY!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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