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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

It’s Friday!  Yaaaay!  Oh, wait.  I don’t work and school’s out.  Well, I’m sure some of y’all are happy it’s Friday.  So yaaaay for you!  Yaaaaay!  We’ll do the Friday dance!

I don’t know what the Friday dance is, but I did it.  I just kinda wiggled in my chair a bit.  Yaaaay Friday!!!

I haven’t told you where I live, but I’ve been dropping hints.  Have you picked up on them yet?

So nothing interesting’s happened.  It’s another boringburger, boringly boring day.   I wonder if they’re going to make us go back to school or if we’re going to do remote learning again.  I don’t really mind remote learning, frankly, I haven’t ever gone to school.  Sabby likes remote learning because she can hear what the teacher is teaching us.  Once she sat in on one of Beth’s classes, just offscreen, and I don’t know what the teacher said, but she went off.  I’ve never seen her so angry.  She was talking seriously about pulling all of us out of school and teaching us from home.  She decided against it, but she’s been randomly sitting in on classes without the teacher knowing.  Word seems to have spread, because the teachers have been really, really careful.

I saw an old episode of the Cosby Show on YouTube and Sabby reminds me of Claire Huxtable.  They look a little bit alike, but when Sabby goes off, she reminds me so much of Claire Huxtable, especially when she says “I won’t have it!”  I showed Sabby, and she laughed.  “Where do you think I got that from?”, she said.  “Bill Cosby wasn’t exactly a shining example of a man, but that was one funny show.”

I asked her what Bill Cosby did.  She wouldn’t tell me.  She said to look it up if I really wanted to know.  Quite honestly, I really don’t want to know.  I prefer to think of him as Cliff Huxtable, silly, funny family man.  Kind of like Dave, come to think of it, but Dave is nice in real life too.

That’s one really neat thing about having no memories – and there aren’t many neat things.  But I don’t know any of these things.  so if I don’t want to know, I don’t have to know.  I think Sabby knows that too.  Not telling me some things is a gift she gives me, and I think deliberately too.

However, there are some things they did have to tell me that I should have already known.  I remember when Sabby and Dave gave me “The Talk”.  How embarrassing!  I mean, it was informative and everything, but… embarrrassing!  And confusing!  How does that fit there?  Oh well.  Maybe someday I’ll find out.  Maybe.  A long time from now.  Hear me, Sabby?  A LONG TIME FROM NOW.


It’s not that I don’t like boys.  I do!  They are cute, and confusing, and it’s so adorable when they try to be all macho and impressing but just end up being silly billies!  I’ve caught them staring at me before, and I won’t lie, it’s a really nice feeling.  It even makes me feel a little tingly inside.  But I just don’t want all that complication.  My life is complicated enough.  Maybe someday I’ll know what it’s like to kiss someone, but I just…  I just can’t.  Not now.

I’m pretty sure I don’t like girls that way, either!  I mean, I like cuddles and hair brushing and all the fun stuff us girls do together, but that’s all it could ever be.  When Beth and I cuddle it’s like a big warm teddy bear that breathes and snores and mumbles, and I love how it feels to cuddle a big warm teddy bear that breathes and snores and mumbles.  But she’s not like a boy, not at all.

Life is confusing sometimes, but not that confusing.

Well, I should probably take a shower before I get into more trouble.  I promised Sabby I’d keep this blog kid-safe.  That’s about as far down that road as I can safely go.  So no more.

Weekend tomorrow!  One thing I do love about weekends is Dave doesn’t have to work so we do things as a family sometimes!  Like go to the waterpark!  Or… go to the waterpark!  Or maybe, I dunno… go to the waterpark!!!

Not hinting!  But it is fun to go to the waterpark, and I like it when Dave isn’t working and we can all do fun stuff together!  And that’s what I love about weekends.  So I guess Fridays are good anyway!  It means the weekend is here!  And we can all do something fun!

I know, not every week, but still.  I love having a family to do fun stuff with!

Fridaaaaaayyyy!!! YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!

Love you all!!!! ❤️ Oh, and you’re all silly billies too.  All of you.  Sillllyyyyyy billlliiiiiiesssssss!!!!!  Silly billy filly milly hilly yilly…  silly!!!!  Like me!!! Ok bye!!!

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