This diary entry is part 7 of 30 in Lily's diary dated 02 - August 2021

Hi!  It’s me!  Beth!

You thought it was going to be Lily, didn’t you?  Well, it usually is, obviously, but Lily agreed to let me guest post.  She gets to look at it before I hit the button though!

I didn’t actually know Lily posted on a blog like this until a couple of days ago.  It’s not the coolest thing ever, I mean, who blogs anymore?  It’s all TikTok or Twitch or whatever, but she seems happy with it, and she’s a silly girl.  So I guess whatever works for her, right?

I remember when I first met Lily.  My parents brought her home, and she looked so scared and alone.  I hated her.  My life was perfect and she just came in and ruined it all!  At least that’s what I thought.  My mom was always spending time with her, and I hated that!  My mom belonged to me!  Not her!

I called her so many names, names I can’t repeat here.  All she ever did was cry, especially in that first week.  After a while, when I would tease her or call her names or tell her I hated her, all she did was just look at me with those big, sad eyes of hers.  Her eyes are so expressive, it’s like you can look at them and know just what she’s thinking or feeling without saying a word!  Eventually I started to feel bad.  She didn’t do anything to me, not really, and she’s just a sad, lonely, and confused girl.

But I didn’t really say anything to her until Lily day, when we went to the waterpark.  I was a little cheesed that she got a day of her own, but my mom told me to suck it up, I get a birthday, and who knows when her birthday is?  That’s when I really started to feel horrible about how I’d treated her.  She doesn’t know what her name is.  She doesn’t even know what her birthday is.  And I’m jealous because my mom gives her a little extra attention?  I’m such a selfish girl!

And we went to the waterpark.  She was having so much fun with Liz, like when Liz fell in and then pulled her in, and I just kind of sat there in my bikini on the edge of the pool and wiggled my toes in the water.  She’s gone through so much and yet she’s so happy and cheerful!  A boy sat next to me and we talked for a bit.  He was cute, but…  my mind was elsewhere.  Eventually he got up and left.  I mean, really. I’m only fourteen anyway!

So finally, we were watching a movie, and I just decided I’d had enough of being angry and jealous and mean.  So I did what any self respecting girl would do, and cuddled up to her and fell asleep.  You should have seen the look on her face!  But then she started stroking my hair, and it was so nice, just like I imagined having a sister would be like.  But she didn’t say anything.  I was so worried that she wouldn’t forgive me.

But she did!  She did forgive me!  I was so relieved, I started crying!  And she’s so nice!  Even though I hurt her she wants to be my sister!  But now we do so much together, and every night we brush each others’ hair, and we cuddle together on movie nights, and, and….  it’s amazing!  I love having a sister!  Especially one like Lily!

Oh, Lily, don’t cry!!!

I know I hurt her, and I’m so sorry for that.  Liz hasn’t forgiven me yet, and I don’t blame her.  But… but maybe we can move on and be a family together.

Last night we watched a movie together, and like Lily says, she’s a big warm teddy bear that I just love cuddling with.  I didn’t see the whole movie because I fell asleep.  She kept stroking my hair and, well, I can’t stay awake when someone’s stroking my hair!  It’s so nice!  She’s so nice!

Maybe Lily will let me guest post sometimes.  I’m glad she let me this time.  I’m sorry, Lilly!  I’m sorry, Liz!  I really am!  I wish I could take it all back, but I’m glad I’m your sister now!  Liz, please forgive me!  Please!  I’ll be nice!  I promise!!!

Lily loves you all!!!  And so do I!  ❤️

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