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Hi!  It’s me! Lilly!

Well, I’m not as embarrassed anymore, I guess.  Yeah, some boys saw my floppy bits.  Oh well.  Nothing to be done about it now.  I guess these things just happen.  I’m more upset about the bird dying, but nothing to be done about that either.

Yes, I know the real names!  But this is a family friendly blog!  So I’m not going to call them what they’re supposed to be called, they’re floppy bits and girly bits, so there!  I promised Sabby!  But some things aren’t easy to talk about without using some kind of name, I guess!!

I was wrong!  School starts next week!!!  Oh no!!!  Sabby still hasn’t decided what to do, and she tells me the social workers are being a little stubborn about my going to school.  Sabby may have to let me go, at least until she can officially adopt me.  The interference seems to be happening again – I don’t understand it.  Sabby told me that the social workers were telling her that we’d have to do all sorts of stuff to adopt me – petition the court, file all sorts of papers, give Beth up as a sacrifice – kidding! But it looked so insurmountable, and then something happened again and they said someone really high up intervened.  So we’ll still have to see a judge, but I just have to agree to it, and all of the social workers, etc., have been ordered to not fight it.  Who ordered them?  They won’t tell us.  We don’t know.  But someone is really looking out for me.

At least I hope they’re looking out for me.

But I can’t wait to be an officially official Smith!!!  A real Smith!!!  Dave and Sabby’s daughter!!!  Oh, I love the sound of that!  I love Dave, that big ol’ balding silly billy, and Sabby, that not so big ol’ motherly silly billy, and Beth, my new silly billy sister, and even David!  And the cat!  I love the cat too!  Even though it always washes its butt!  Ewwww!  It’s a silly billy too!  But a cuddly one.

They say it could only be a month or so.  We just have to get on the docket.  It’s amazing how helpful social workers can be when they’re ordered to.

Oh, don’t get me wrong.  Mine have been awesome!  Or at least as awesome as government workers in a government bereaucracy can be.  But apparently someone greasing the wheels a bit makes them even more awesome!

Our lawyer is also trying to figure out what to do about my lack of birthday.  He’s going to petition the court to assign me one when the adoption goes through.  I’m going to ask for Lily Day.  Would that make me sixteen?  Or seventeen?  I guess we’ll decide then.  Maybe we’ll ask my doctor what he thinks.  As they keep telling me, this is truly unprecedented.  They can’t think of anyone else in the first world who doesn’t know when they were born, and neither does anyone else.

Well, nothing interesting going on, I just got back from a run and didn’t find a dying bird so yay?  I did see a jackrabbit, though.  They’re cute.  Furry little silly billy rabbits, hopping around doing rabbit things.  And squirrels!  I see lots of squirrels!  They’re cute little silly billy nut hoarders.  I saw little animals, I kept my top on, I had a run, and now I’m going to shower!  It’s a good day!

Love you all!!!  ❤️

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