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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

We went to a WATERPARK today!!!!


Everyone had a great time.  There was lots of sliding and whooping and splashing.  It was a little cooler in Tokyo today than it was earlier in the week, but it was still pretty crowded.  Full of Japanese people who were hooting and whooping as much as the rest of us.  Japanese people and Americans aren’t all that different when you’re sliding down a slide and getting wet!!!

Robert heard from the charter flight company – a typhoon is heading for Japan and they want us to leave early.  It shouldn’t directly hit Tokyo but it’s still a bit close for comfort, so they want to be safe.  And none of us want to get stuck in Japan while a typhoon hits, even if it’s in western Japan and not here.  So we’re leaving tomorrow instead.  Aww.  But it’s alright, we had two weeks and it was lots of fun.  Sabby wasn’t going to do the road trip, but if we’re arriving a day early, she thinks it might be fun after all.  She talked to Diana and Crystal’s parents and they’re okay with it.  They seem to think that Crystal and Diana are learning a lot by seeing other places and people.  And they’re right!!! But they do miss them, so we need to get them back soon.

I didn’t mention it but Crystal and Diana are calling back every day and telling their parents everything they did.  So are Rebecca’s friends.  All the parents are pretty happy for them, which is nice.  I think some are a bit jealous.  But they can go to Japan too if they want!!!  Sometimes we all call at once while I’m typing my diary so there’s all sorts of chatting and talking going on before bed.

We’re going to see the grand canyon!!!  Yay!!!  Even though it’s… hot.  Not as hot as Texas though!!!

We took a train up to Saitama after the waterpark to say goodbye to Ai and Hiroshi and everyone.  Ai sniffled a little, but we’ve got some new people to add to our group chat now, so it’s all good!!!

Alright.  We’re all packed up and heading to Haneda in the morning!  The pilots want to get ahead of the typhoon!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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