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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

EVERYONE’S sick!!!  Jack, Grace, his parents, Liz, her parents, even Yuki.  Aww.  I guess that’s what happens, though.  I made a big ol’ pot of chicken soup (Sabby taught me) and took bowls to everyone.  They seemed to appreciate it.  I don’t really feel bad, though.  Sometimes people just get sick.  It’s part of life.

But Sabby, Beth, etc., haven’t.  I guess that makes sense too.

I’m not the best cook but I’m getting better.  Jack says it’s the best because I made it.  Aww.

They’re just sick, though, just like I was.  Nothing awful.  Just has to run its course.  Poor Grace, though.

Crystal and Diana came over yesterday, but Yuki and LIz didn’t, they’re busy resting up.  That’s fine.  It was good to spend a little time with them too.  They’re Beth’s best friends, but my sisters.  I gave Crystal some music theory lessons – she didn’t even know what she didn’t know, but I explained to her how chords work and why some work better with others.  It’s amazing how important that little “leading tone” is in music theory.  It’s like addition in math – nothing else makes sense without it.  Otherwise we just binged on Anime.  We basically plowed through the entire series of K-On.  It started slow, but we started bawling in episode 20, and when Azusa realized that they’d all be graduating in episode 24… Awww.  We took a break for sleeping but finished it this morning.

I won’t ever experience an actual graduation…  but going off to college and maybe leaving my friends behind?  That…. is coming up.  Soon.  I might react the same way.  Aww.  Sometimes growing up hurts.

Sharekoube!! Lycopene!!!

I’ve also been working on an itinerary for when Ai and the aidols come here in a few weeks.  Texas is a little more boring than Japan in some ways, but there are things they’re looking forward to seeing.

Oh well.  It was a nice day.  Tomorrow’s supposed to be a nice day too.  Maybe Dave will grill.  Dave put up the decorations today, and he managed to do it without hurting anyone or setting anything on fire.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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