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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Now Liz is sick too.  Aww.  I went over to take care of her too.  It’s possible I didn’t give it to her, but let’s be honest, I probably did.  So I’m running all over the place taking care of my friends.  I don’t mind, though.  Liz doesn’t really like chicken soup, but she does like ramen – you know, the good kind, not the insta-noodle kinds.  So I got her some.

She seemed to appreciate it.

The rich broth is really comforting when you have a cold.

Jack’s kinda down for the count right now, but he seems to be appreciating the break.  He’s been pretty busy lately, so he seems to enjoy downtime when he gets it.  And he’s not complaining that I let him put his head in my lap and stroke his hair.  Boys really seem to like that… and who could blame them?  I wouldn’t mind either.

It’s almost December!  Where did the time go?  Dave’s putting the decorations up this weekend.  Hopefully using his new ladder.

He bought some lights powerful enough to direct airplanes.  What is it about guys?

Oh well.  It’s pretty nonetheless.

The Aidols are really looking forward to their trip here.  We’re getting on zoom every now and then, and they’re chittering and chattering about things they want to see in America.  Why is it everyone wants to see a Wal-Mart???  And Ai told them about Buc-ees, so they want to see one of them too.  Tourists are so easy to place.  I’m planning on going up to Dallas with them and visiting Rebecca.  She’s not lonely at all – she made new friends because she’s Rebecca – but she wants to spend a little time with the Aidols too.  She had such a good time in Japan.  She wants to take them to one of those arcade places.

I don’t know how we’re going to work some of this out.  Everyone wants to spend some time with Ai and the aidols, but there’s only so much time, and Emiko wants to spend a little time with them too.  She doesn’t get to spend much time with actual Japanese people, so she values it when she gets the chance.  Can’t blame her.  It is her home.

Well, we’ll figure it out.  Ai’s been talking up our Christmas traditions too.  There’s no KFC, but she likes the emphasis on family and how nice all the ceremonies are.  You know, the gift exchanges, the Christmas dinner, that stuff.  “Ceremony” is a strong word… but I guess that’s what they are.  I might set up a big ol’ Christmas party for everyone.  I’ll see what Sabby thinks.  That might be fun.  Maybe we can invite all the people from the shop, too.  Oh, and Katie!  I haven’t said much about her.  She’s doing fine.  Her kid is growing like a weed.  Well, still not doing a whole lot useful, but she’s crawling up a storm.  It’s cute.

It was a bit rainy today, but it was nice.  I took Marie for a long sniffing tour, I mean walk.  She loved it, as usual.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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