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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

So, I went to church this morning.  For the first time in a long time.  I figured after our “chat” (and the supernatural beatdown the pastor got) I’d give it another try.

By the way, I don’t really think I’m blameless.  I was used to give the pastor a really important, and pretty hard to hear message, but I get my share – it’s just they’re delivered differently.  I mean, would I have gone to see the pastor otherwise?  I dunno.   It’s not like I was told to, I just felt like it was the right thing.

Anyway, the pastor pulled me into his office before services, and he said he had a proposal for me.  He said he’d give me a few minutes at every service I attended to say anything I wanted.  I mean, it was pretty clear that sometimes I had an important message.  But even if I didn’t, well, maybe I had something else interesting to say.  Or I could just talk about my trip to Japan.  Or something.  He said I should keep it a little theological if I can, but even so…  he’ll keep his word.

I just have to not be actually blasphemous.

I told him I’d think about it.  I wasn’t going to do it today, regardless.  I just wanted to keep a low profile.

Anathema and Joe attended with us as well.  They’re…  well, it’s clear they really like each other.  They’re behaving a little bit like a couple.  He’s opening doors for her and doing little things, and well, the doe eyes coming from her are almost sickening.  Haha!!! I think she’d do anything he asked her at this point, but, well, he’s Joe.  He’s, well, sticking to his guns, and I think secretly she’s really happy about that.  He’s showing her he can be trusted.  Now… she has to find ways to do the same, I guess.  Oh, and she did get a chance to talk to the pastor.  I never found out what they talked about.  I guess it’s not really my business anyway, she is a grown woman.

Anyway, otherwise, church was uneventful.  Apparently the guy who confronted Anathema a couple of weeks ago?   Well, his (soon to be ex) wife was there today.  He, well, wasn’t.  She was kind of glaring at Anathema, but she was civil.  I guess, at the end of the day, there’s no way Anathema could have known who was on the other side of that screen, right?  But the wounds are still fresh.  Anyway, Anathema didn’t push.  She knows that even though she didn’t know, and she’s not really responsible for any of it, she’s… a convenient target.

For me, well, a couple of old ladies had some questions for me.  I didn’t really get any “messages”, so I answered as best I can.  Hope it was good enough.  That’s kind of what I was afraid of, but I figure as long as I tell them what’s “real” and what isn’t, well, they get what they get.

After church, the girls came over and we had a practice.  Crystal is really doing great!  She picked up another chord or two, and is starting to understand a bit about music theory.  She doesn’t get to correct me yet (I mean, she can do that when she’s performed in a packed auditorium as the soloist) but she’s giving the other girls tips, and she’s usually right.  So… there’s that.  Beth’s starting to get more confidence and is belting out some bangers, and Diana, well…  she’s getting a few bass licks going.  She’s not nearly as driven as Crystal, but I she’ll hold her own.  Me, well…  I’m drumming.  It’s not really all that hard.  I just have to be a rock and let them use me as I’m intended.

I think she’s about a month from being good enough to play in front of a crowd at the shop.  Sabby thinks so too.  But she’s also not cutting her any slack.  If she’s not good enough, she doesn’t play.  That’s important to Sabby, and I’m in full agreement.  She’s gonna earn it.  But…  that’s the great part.  I think she will.

I am learning a few interesting rhythms though.  It’s kinda fun.  But I can’t devote near as much time to it as I want.  I’ve got other, far more important things to practice for.  Plus, I’ve got some tests coming up.  Meiji wants to see some SAT scores, so I have to, well, take an SAT test.  I guess for most students it wouldn’t be as important, but I’m home schooled, and they need something to show I’m capable of handling the coursework.  So, of course, I’m studying for that too.

I’m a busy Lily!!! A very busy Lily!!!

I did chat some with the admissions folks at Meiji, though, and they were really impressed by the concert I gave, and I mentioned that I was over in Japan to do an idol video.  They weren’t quite as impressed by that, but they did say that if my scores were as good as the rest of my accomplishments, I’m the kinda girl they want at Meiji.

Plus the fact that I can speak Japanese somewhat doesn’t hurt either.  They quizzed me a little on that and were happy.  They said that some students don’t speak any Japanese at all, so knowing any at all is a big leg up for me.

It was just an informal chat, though.  I’ll be applying formally once I have some SAT results.

I’m considering taking JLPT as well, but maybe I’ll do that in Japan!!!

Okay… bedtime.  It’s going to be a busy week… full of lots and lots of practicing.

And… one more thing.  Don’t worry too much about the girls who didn’t get their spa day.  Even if I do nothing else… I’ve got another surprise in store.  And it’s a whopper, and the kind of thing they can’t buy.  Haha!!! But it’s still a secret.  In fact, I probably won’t mention it again for a few months.  But it’ll come up!  I promise!!!

Love you all!!! ❤️

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