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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Not a lot happened today, but I have a lot to think about.  Some stuff happened, though.

Well, I’ll start with what happened, then I’ll move on to what to think about.

Cat-girl, I mean Anathema, shut down her, well, “other business” today.  It was a surprise to everyone, herself included.  It was a surprise enough that some of the bigger YouTube channels covered it as news.  She was doing her thing, you know showing off.. then right in the middle.. just put her top back on, said “I’m sorry, I can’t do this anymore, thank you all for your support, it’s not you, it’s me,” ended the stream, and deleted her channel.  Just like that.  She wasn’t even intending to, it just… happened.  Some of the channels are really angry at her, others are really supportive, but most just seem, well, confused.  It was so out of left field.  Usually they give some kind of notice, but she just… stopped.

I asked her about it.  She just said “I was looking at the camera, and… I saw all those people out there who didn’t care about me, and I thought… what happens when I start showing?  Will they still like me?  And… I realized, that most of them… wouldn’t, and the ones that did… I don’t really like all that much.  They made me some money… but… it felt like I was selling my soul.”

I asked her what she would do to make up for the loss of money.  She shrugged.  “I’m going to college for a reason, I guess I’ll just try to get better grades.”

Yeah, she goes to college.  I think I mentioned that a while ago.  She’s getting one of those boring degrees, you know, finance or something, but she has only been taking the bare minimum of classes so she can work and stuffs.  But… she sounds like she wants to start taking it more seriously.

Good for her.  Seriously.

Sabby and I asked her what she wants to do at work, you know, with the baby and stuff.  She said she wants to keep working, but the days of wearing ribbons and getting us in trouble are probably over.  She’ll probably just stick with the maid costume for now.

We’re fine with that.

Seriously, we’re totally fine with that.

She’s still going to be cat-girl (I said cat-girl and not Anathema). She’ll always have a bit of cat-girl in her, no matter what else happens.  She’ll be happy and bubbly and cheerful and like to wear costumes and probably a little flirty and unashamed of her body..  but she seems serious about her dream, and…  maybe her “other” days are over.  I hope she can find a man who can…. help her to achieve her dream.  She’s already got the kid in the bag.  Haha!!!

So… now the other thing.  I looked up “ark”.  There are two instances of “ark” in the Bible, I guess, and not many other places except some theme park in the middle of Tennessee or something.  The first one was when Noah and his family rode out the Mother of all Storms that killed everyone else and then repopulated the earth.  The second was when the, well, “legal documents of the first covenent” is how it was explained to me, were kept in an ark.  Apparently people got killed just for touching it improperly.

I don’t really know what that means, but in both cases, the arks kept the most precious things in the world inside them.  And, well, maybe that’s what I am?  I don’t know.

And…. the more important question by far than “what’s an ark”…

Who the heck was I talking to?

Love you all!!! ❤️

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