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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

So, umm… Yeah. I’m going to Japan again.  Next weekend (not this weekend, but the week after).  They have some production stuff they have to arrange.  But they did send me an itinerary, so I’m going.  I forwarded it to Yuki, and she’s coming along too.  Jack understands, but he does want to come with me sometime soon.  I get it, I really do.  But this one’s business, of a sort.  They are paying me, just not very much.  I mean, it’s not like I’ll be able to retire on it, but it’s enough to pay for a semester or two of college, so there’s that.  I guess it doesn’t take much talent to sit there and look annoyed.

I wonder why they want me specifically.  Maybe I’m just really good at looking annoyed.  Or maybe they just want to capitalize on a viral video.

Well, that was unplanned.

I guess the bright side is that while all the idols are learning lyrics and a dance, all I have to do is sit there.  No rehearsal or anything required, except I just have to look annoyed.  And I remember how I felt when the girls first did that, so I think I can do that really easily.

I won’t be spending much time there though, not much more than a weekend.  It’s not like I have a huge role, and it’s not like they’re going to need multiple takes – of me, anyway.  They set me up for three days.  I guess that works.

I asked them if I need to bring any clothing or anything, and they said they’ll provide everything, even makeup and hair, I just have to show up and let them do whatever.  Works for me!!!

If it were Hollywood I’d suspect ulterior motives, but this is Japan.  They tend to be very upfront about stuff.  I think it’ll be fine.  And it is Minami’s talent agency, and she seems to be having a blast.

So…  I guess no real point in talking more about that until I get closer to leaving.  So… in other news…

Remember that military guy who was escorting Mrx. X at my birthday?  Well, he showed up again.  Apparently he has orders to be our security.  Seems like an… interesting way of spending taxpayer dollars, but she sent along a note, and apparently it’s a part of my “compensation”, such as it is.  I’m enough of a “high value” person that they are willing to protect me if needed.  That’s…  a bit scary. But cool.

But here’s the cool thing.  I wasn’t there when he showed up, but Anathema was.  And…  to hear Sabby tell it, she turned into a blushing, nervous mess.  Started dropping things, turning red, refusing to look him in the eyes… this girl has more experience in her little finger than I do in my entire body, but apparently a well muscled guy in a uniform is enough.   He didn’t quite return the favor, but he had a little smirk.  He knew exactly what was going on.  He was pretty kind about it… he didn’t lead her on but he didn’t outright reject her either.  I remember what he said to me when he left my party, about wanting to maybe find someone to settle down with.


I can’t wait to tease Anathema about it.  But just a little bit.

I wonder if they’ll go out soon.

Anyway, gotta go now.  Lots to do, still.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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