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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

So today was boringly boring.  Did I mention I like boringly boring?  It’s kinda weird how driving becomes boring so fast.  I mean, it’s fun and everything, but we went out again for another lesson (I graduate on Friday), and did more obstacle course and parking and other kinds of practice.  I backed up and went forward, and they even had a manual transmission for me to learn to drive!  Dave tells me that’s a good school, no one ever teaches how to drive a clutch, but they taught me!  There’s a third pedal, and a trick to it!

After I got home, we had dinner, and it was a boringly boring dinner.  I mean it was delicious – Sabby always makes delicious food – but it’s just a dinner.  We talked and ate and… that’s my family.  Dave, the clumsy, gentle, sometimes moody silly-billy who likes to hang out in his man-cave and tinker with stuff, or do yard work, or grill.  Sabby, the spitfire who has a temper as big as her heart.  Beth, my jealous little sister who has so much love to give.  And David, the computer game obsessed kid who’ll probably get far in life, if he can manage to not get arrested first.  He’ll probably end up making more money than all the rest of us!

Emiko is a nice lady who taught me how to wear kimono and is teaching me some stuff about Japan and Japanese, and Aika and Mika seem like nice kids, but they’re not my family.  At least they’re not this family. They’re not the ones who hug me when I cry and stuff me full of cookies and brush my hair and play board games and watch movies every Friday night.  Maybe Emiko can be my family too, but they accepted me where she rejected me.  That counts for everything, I think.  She’s trying, and I’ll give her a chance, and I’ll go to Houston sometimes and maybe we’ll even find little traditions that we do together as well, but I’m not sure it’ll ever be the same.

And that’s alright.  I’m just glad to know who she is.

Allison’s mother tells me that she wants to bring me a drawing when she comes over next weekend, but she can’t decide what to draw!  I told her that she can draw whatever and I’ll love it!  Grace drew me a picture of basically a stick figure and a smiling sun, and it was perfect!  She’s still little, so she doesn’t realize that it’s her I like!  I’ll put it on the fridge and maybe even post it here if she wants!

Jack is doing well with his driving lessons as well.  I miss him.  I hope we can meet sometime soon and we’ll talk quietly and cuddle and I’ll thank him properly for the chocolate.  OMG was that good chocolate.  We still talk every night.  Things are going better with his parents, but they’re still trying to figure it out.  At least they’re sticking up for him at school now.  It’s sad that the principal is fighting them!  They always seem to protect the bullies!

I’m tired and Beth’s hair needs brushing.

Love you all!!! ❤

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