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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

And I’m so EMBARRASSED!!!!

So last night I “snuck” into Jack’s room and we snuggled up.  Well, I fell asleep, and we didn’t wake up until it was time to wake up!!!  I mean, I slept sooo good (It was like a girl-pile that smelled like boy) but I didn’t know what had happened until I woke up and saw Jack’s mother staring at the two of us, tapping her foot.  She just said “breakfast is ready”, and turned on her heel and went downstairs.

We quietly ate breakfast, and then had to face the music.  “Jack,” his father said, “we expected just a little more out of you.  And Lily…  I know we said that we don’t mind if you snuggle a little at night, but…  that’s too much.”

I lowered my head.  They were right.  We didn’t do anything they didn’t want us to, but still.  It was too much.

“We know you’re both teenagers and are in love,” his mother said meaningfully, “and we support your relationship, but Lily, I want to see you in your own bed in the morning.  And Jack…  well, you know.  Don’t you dare disappoint me.”

“Yes, mom,” he said quietly, and then I went off to take a shower, and he sulked off to his room.

I sighed as I was taking my shower.  They were right.  They were too right.  It would be too easy to… make a mistake.

Anyway, after we took our showers, we had something of a lazy morning.  Jack and I talked a lot, about important and not important things.  Grace wanted to play, so we played with her.  In the afternoon, the temperature got up to 45, so we went outside and played in the yard.  Grace has sooo much energy!!!  Ohio is so nice in the spring!!!  All the snow is melting!!!  the three of us even took a walk to the park and we pushed Grace on the swing!!!  All the kids were out because it was “warm”!!!

A couple of Jack’s better friends came over for dinner, Kevin and Kaeli. I would have been jealous, but it was clear that Kaeli had the hots for Kevin, although he seemed oblivious to that, as boys tend to be.  They seemed nice enough.  They told a couple of embarrassing stories, but it was mostly about what other kids at his school did, and he was right… he wasn’t treated all that well.  I guess things are getting better, though.  Sigh.

I guess it’s bedtime.  I’m still going to cuddle with Jack, but there’s no way we’re having that talk again tomorrow.  That was embarrassing.

Love you all!!! ❤

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