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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

And it’s Beth’s15th  birthday!!!

So after Diana got back from school, Liz, Crystal and her parents, Emiko and Aika and Mika, Allison too… everyone showed up!!!  Sabby gave us the day off because she wanted to spend all day baking.  We made her promise not to go overboard.  She just looked innocent.  And went overboard.

OMG the cakes!!!

I don’t know how she makes so many cakes with just one oven!!!

Anyway, after everyone showed up, we had pizza for dinner, and then cake for dessert (CHOCOLATE!!!) and then we gave Beth her presents!!!

She got soooo many presents!!!!

But I think the best thing is how meaningful they were.

Liz got Beth a music player.  But it was loaded with lots of different world music!  Chinese, Japanese, Korean…  OMG.  I’ll have to, er, “borrow” some of those myself!!!

Crystal still doesn’t have a lot of money, but she got Beth a little locket that said “BFFs”, with little pieces that fit together.  I think Beth almost cried.

Aika and Mika don’t know Beth very well, but they gave her a chopstick set.  I… don’t know?  But it’s the thought that counts, and Beth accepted it happily.

Allison gave her a book.  Of course, if you want to give Beth something she likes, give her a book!!!

And I got her one of those plexiglass blocks that contain every element in the periodic table.  It wasn’t anything really special, but she seemed to like it.

Of course Diana didn’t get her anything, but no one expected her to.

After the presents were given, we played games!!!  Girl games!!!  David was invited, but he… had other things to do.  Don’t blame the poor kid.  OMG Me, Beth, Liz, Aika, Mika, Diana, Crystal, Allison… SO MANY GIRLS!!!!  It’s soo much fun!!!  Poor Sabby having to put up with all the squealing!!!  I think Allison got a bit confused, and then at some point we split into two groups…  The younger girls, Allison, Aika, and Mika, and the rest of us older girls.  That seems to have worked out.

Now we’re going to brush each other’s hair, tell stories (Allison’s good at that!) and make a girl-pile!!! OMG I LOVE GIRL PILES!!!!  I think Diana’s a little hesitant but she’s got her jammies on just like the rest of us.

Love you all!!! ❤

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