This diary entry is part 26 of 31 in Lily's diary dated 09 - March 2022

Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!!!

And I can’t decide whether to be angry with Jack or not!!!

But it was an honest mistake, and he is a boy.

So it turns out he’s got a very, very wrong idea of what girl slumber parties are like.  I guess I can’t blame him too much – all he’s ever seen was on television, and this awful J-Pop video called “Heavy Rotation” where a bunch of teenage girls sit around in lingerie eating sweets and taking baths together and kissing mirrors.  Well… we do eat sweets.

But NO!!! That’s not what it’s like!!!

We don’t wear lingerie!  We don’t HAVE lingerie!! I’m the oldest of us and I’m sixteen!!!  Well, there’s that purple thing Liz gave me last year, but we don’t talk about that!!!  We have jammies!!!  Soft, comfortable fleece jammies!!! That cover everything!!! Sorry if that’s disappointing to you silly billy boys like Jack, but it’s the truth.


Not telling who, but every now and then someone stinks up the room!!!

THAT’S what a slumber party is like!!!

We girls just like to stick together and be friends and… well… we’re warm!!!  That’s it!!!  No mirror-kissing or… well, yeah.  There is cake eating.  I’ll give you that.  We pigged out last night.  I think that’s why the room went stinky.

But there are sweet moments too.  Diana seemed a bit hesitant, but we all settled down and she fell asleep.  This morning I felt someone cuddled up to me, snoring softly.  It was Diana!  How sweet!!!  When she woke up, she yawned and told me she’d never slept that good.  She’s an only child, and while she has lots of cousins and extended family (she says that’s common for people like her!) she doesn’t really have anyone she’s that close to other than her mother.

I asked her why she needed to stay with us if she had so much extended family.  She just sighed and said it was a long story.   And wouldn’t say anything more.

So…  now I have another sister.  But she’s a temporary sister.  We just met and who knows if we’ll keep in touch after she leaves.   But hey, it’s like I said.  You can never have too many little sisters.

I just with Grace could have come for Beth’s party.  She would have loved it!!!

I left for work in the morning and everyone went home while I was gone.  When I came home, Beth gave me a big hug and thanked me for making it the best birthday ever.

I told her I didn’t do much.

And then she said the nicest thing ever.  “You made things better just by being here, Lily.  You always make things better just by being there.  It’s who you are.  It’s why I love you.”

I cried.  I legit cried.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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