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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

No YouTube tonight!

If I make it every night, then why would I need to keep this diary too???  And I want to do both!!! So no YouTube tonight.  YouTube tomorrow. Maybe.

Not much to talk about today.  It was a quiet, boringly boring day.  It was a bit cold today though!  Especially in the morning!!!  I had to wear some thicker workout clothes!!!  I know!!!  The boys were so disappointed!!!  I don’t encourage them, obviously, but I don’t have to do much, I just kind of be me!!!  My heart belongs to one boy.  But I guess my image belongs to everyone I run past!!!

It’s nice sometimes, but mostly just annoying.  Fortunately none have dared to whistle.  Besides, it’s early.  Mostly people going to work anyway.  They don’t have time, they’re too busy nursing their coffee and trying to get their car started.

I’m not looking forward to being an adult.  I mean, it might be fun!!!  But adults don’t seem to have much fun.  They just do the same thing day in and day out and pretend like they’re free.  But are they really free?  Or are they just in prisons of their own making?  Awww.   I hope when I grow up I find something fun to do that doesn’t feel like work!!! Like… like eating chocolate!  Could I eat chocolate for a living??  But if it became work, would I enjoy eating chocolate anymore?  It’s chocolate philosophy!!!  I eat chocolate, therefore I am!!!

When you’re a kid, people take care of you and try to make your life fun and you get to eat good things… sometimes you have to do things you don’t like but everyone is looking out for you!!! Then you grow up and who looks out for you then???  Aww.  I need to not think about these things.  It makes me sad.

Spring Break in a few days!!! YAAAAAAAY!!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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