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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!!!

Oh!  Spring break is soo close!! I can’t wait!!! it’s going to be so much fun!!  I’ll do….  umm… spring break stuff!  Like eating chocolate!  Like sleeping a lot!!! Like going to the mall!!!  I can’t wait to see… ummm…  stuff!!!  Fun stuff!!! Lots of fun stuff to see and do!!!

But I have to get through a couple of days first.

I guess chocolate will be my friend!  Chocolate is always my friend!  Until I eat it!!!  Then it’s my food!!! But animals are like that too!!!

Sabby took me to the store and bought me another dress!!! She spoils me sooooo much!!!  And the stuff she gets is soooo nice too and soooo  pretty on me!!!  I have rather long legs and it’s hard to find a dress that is short enough to be pretty but long enough to not show my girly bits!!!  It’s hard to find jeans too!!! The tops are okay, but the bottoms are sooo hard!!!  That’s why I usually don’t wear jeans!!!  It’s hard to find jeans that fit!!!

I know, I know.  Pretty girl problems.  I get it!!!  I’m sure some of you girls are out there right now going “Oh, your problem is that your legs are too long and you’re complaining about that???  Really???”  Well…  my legs are what they are.  But your problems are just as real!!!  I imagine it can’t be easy to find jeans for girls with big rear ends!!!  But trust me – boys like them!!!

I’m just blessed in the leg department.  Everything else is blessedly normal.  I’ve got a nice sized rear end and nice sized floppy bits and long spaghetti noodles for legs!!!

But you didn’t come here to talk about my legs.  ….  did you?  You silly billies!!!

I’ll make a youtube wearing the new dress soon!!!  I mean I like my white dress, and the plaid dress, and the pink dress, and all the other dresses too…  but it’s always nice to show off a new dress, right?  I’ll model it like I did with the YouTube intro!!!

Should I be a model?  Jack tells me I could.  But Sabby doesn’t seem to like the idea much.  I’ll have to ask her why.  I’m not too set on the idea, but is that something I could do?  I mean, I kind of do already, right?

Love you all!!! ❤

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