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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

So I didn’t post last night.  I didn’t mention it, but Jack and I were going to go on a date Saturday night, but that didn’t work out.  I guess he had a family thing or something,  His parents are being a little more strict about that kind of thing – family first, date second.  I guess I can understand that.  But last night we were finally able to go out, and we had a long talk.

A really long talk.

I don’t know if anything was actually settled, but the talk is important.

We talked about our future together.

After the kind of, er scare I had, it seems like a really important thing to talk about.  Am I serious about him?  Is he serious about me?  What would happen if I were to actually, well, you know?  Would he run away like Katie’s ex did?  How would he support us?  How would he keep Sabby from killing both of us?

Hahah… but I’m only half kidding, honestly.  She might maim, anyway.

So anyway, we talked for way longer than we should – I got home too late.  Sabby wasn’t happy but when I told her what we were doing she was okay with it.  He says the same with his parent.s  We didn’t get any, ummm.. “alone” time but I think that was a good thing this time.

I’m not going to say exactly what we all said, but I think it had a good outcome.  We understand each other a little better now.  I don’t think he’d leave me.  But he knows as well as I do how difficult it would be, so…  we understand each other.

I really do think I lucked out with him.

But we’re both seventeen now, we’re nearly adults… it’s not just teenagers romping around anymore, is it?  We have a future to think about.

We talked about marriage, too, someday.  Not on my 18th birthday – Sabby would kill me – but not wasting a huge amount of time either.  Honestly, with the business, I could probably support us, but that’s not how Jack wants to do it, and I guess I understand.  He doesn’t really know what he wants to do for a career either, and, well, it’s probably a good time to decide.  I don’t really know for myself, either.  Maybe be a businesswoman, but….  I don’t know.

And with all the economic stuff going on right now that Dave’s worried about… who knows what the future holds.

But I can’t imagine a future without him in it.

And maybe that’s what love’s all about after all.

I love you, Jack.  ❤ With all my heart, and my left floppy bit too.  Haha!!!  My right one has reservations, but she’ll come around eventually.


Love you all!!! ❤

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