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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And I’m shocked!

I don’t usually get shocked, but I’m shocked!!!

So remember how I joked that we might need to charter a plane to Japan?


So with my family and Emiko’s family, that’s, umm…  one two.. .haha!  Nine people.  Five of us, four of them.  And then add in Robert’s family, that’s three more.  Twelve…  and then Rebecca’s friends, that’s four more… Kari, Britni, Chelsi, and Yu.  That’s sixteen people.  And of course Liz wants to come too, so seventeen.  So as it turns out, Robert has access to a company plane!

Now, we still have to pay for its use.  It’s not like we get a free flight.  But he’s worked it out so that we only have to pay what we’d pay a commercial airline!  He said that he’ll meet up with some clients in Japan so it’s legit and everything.  I guess he’s past due for a trip there anyway.

So we get to take a private charter plane to Japan!


He can also book hotels through his company.  We have to pay for them, but he gets a group rate, and, well… we get to stay at a really nice hotel!!!

That’s so cool!!!

I’m not upset at all about paying for it.  I mean, paying commercial rates for a charter plane?  Can’t beat that!

I wonder if it’ll be a dedicated commercial plane or something nicer?

Well, we’ll find out.

Sometimes I don’t feel lucky, and sometimes…

In other news, I finally memorized the entire concerto!  It’s really hard, but I got it!  I played it all the way through today!  That last part is awful!  So many notes!  I wish… I wish I remembered learning.  It feels so weird to just be able to play something so complicated.  But it’s fun too.  Not a moment too soon, I meet the conductor next week to go through it.  He’ll work with me a bit and then I’ll rehearse with the orchestra!

I’ve never played with an orchestra before!!!

I need my gown cleaned!


I hope the conductor realizes I’m inexperienced too.  It’s not like he’s getting some concert pianist like Martha Argerich or some such.  He’s just getting lil’ awkward teenage me.  But then, it’s a high school orchestra, I guess we’re all awkward and teenage.

I had an idea today!  But I’m not telling yet!!!

Oh and Allison loved her presents!  Yay!!!  I didn’t really get a chance to go see her for her birthday but I made sure she got her presents!!! 

Love you all!!! ❤

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